Wanted: Your Feedback!

It is such a pleasure to run this blog and bring you news of the best in organic beauty and personal care products as well as the ingredients you should avoid. I am so thankful for those readers who let me know they are enjoying the blog. It makes this all worthwhile!

Now I am asking you, my readers, for more! Nope, it won’t cost you a dime…I just want your feedback! I am planning many exciting things for Toxic Beauty Blog in 2010 (can you believe this year is almost over?) I would like to know which topics you would like to read about:

  • What are your concerns?
  • Which ingredients do you want to learn more about?
  • What organic beauty products have you been dying to try but been afraid to spend the money on?

Please feel free to send me any comments and suggestions you may have. ALL will be welcomed and considered. After all, my readers are the most important part of Toxic Beauty Blog!

And most importantly, don’t forget to….

Stay natural…stay beautiful…go green!

♥ Robin ♥

Robin started her career as an educator of children and has now become an educator for adults everywhere who want to know the truth about what they put into their bodies through the skin. She is passionate about educating people to make better health and beauty choices.
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