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Showers Can Be Toxic

Each morning many of us unconsciously start our day with a morning ritual…For most of us this begins by taking a shower. Have you ever thought about the many hazardous toxins you are subjecting your skin to? Probably not! ...

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Infotone Face Mister Review and Giveaway

Did you know our bodies are made up of 70% water? I guess that explains why I have to go to the bathroom so often! But seriously, water is truly a remarkable and life giving resource.  Ever had a day when you didn’t drink water or have enough to drink? I be...

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A Shower A Day Keeps the Chemicals Away

Going organic in your diet and in your personal care products does not have to be an all at once process. When I first went organic, I started with baby steps. I still had a lot of products I had already purchased and I wasn’t about to throw out that expensi...

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