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3 Simple Tips for Younger Looking Skin

I was sitting down recently watching daytime TV. This is something I rarely, if ever, do! But I was flipping through the program guide when something caught my eye. On Dr. Oz’s program, he was going over skin care tips for staying younger looking. Even thoug...

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Sunlight and the Skin: Part 1

It’s guest post time! Juliette Scarfe of Bare Skin Beauty has written a special series for us on sunlight and the skin, a timely topic since summer is just around the corner. Let’s delve a little deeper into why the body needs the sun and be sure t...

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Advantages of Goat Milk: It Does a Body Good

What are the advantages of goat milk? You may be surprised at the answer!  I recently got into making this fabulous raw goat milk smoothie after I work out. It’s packed with protein and gives me tons of energy after a strength training session. Don’t worr...

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