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Book Review: Babushka’s Beauty Secrets

My grandfather emigrated to the United Stated from the Ukraine 100 years ago…I never really had a chance to reconnect with my Ukrainian roots until I read Babushka’s Beauty Secrets: Old World Tips For a Glamorous New You. Written by Raisa Ruder, esthet...

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Stupendous Strawberries

Growing up, I was never into fruit. Yup, I was one of those kids who chose junk food over fruit! When I got home from school, I went for the “Cheetos” and “Funyuns (that was a fave of mine.) Of course, due to my bad eating habits, I was overweight. I fin...

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DIY Beauty: Pamper With Pumpkin

DIY Beauty: Pamper With Pumpkin! As we get closer to Halloween (2 days and counting!), I decided I wanted to do a post on pumpkins. I am getting more and more into DIY (do-it-yourself) beauty and thought, what a perfect time to find a DIY pumpkin recipe! After...

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