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The History of Soap

  I was washing my hands one day and I began to wonder, what’s the history of soap? Yes, I tend to think of weird stuff while in the bathroom. And sometimes I get my best ideas when in the shower! But I digress, I wanted to write a post about soap b...

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No More Tears?

When you were a baby, I’m sure your mother used Johnson and Johnson baby products on you. Bubble bath, powder, lotion….I know my mom did! It’s just convenient to use all the same products from the line as it’s readily available and cheap. As you gr...

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Say No to Toothpaste…Make Your Own!

Say no to toothpaste…make your own! Keeping your teeth clean is a very important part of your daily beauty routine. A beautiful smile adds so much to your attractiveness. To help you maintain beautiful, white teeth, I  just recorded video to share with ...

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