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What is Yume Blush?

Having a blog has it benefits! I get to find out about the best in organic beauty and body and that is my passion! I recently discovered a product line many people don’t know about…but should…Yume Blush. By the way, any product or line I revi...

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100% Pure, 100% Amazing

Step into the shower and bask under the warm spray. It feels so invigorating. Today, treat yourself to a special shower experience. Open the jar of Vanilla Bean Buttercream Scrub and deeply breathe in the natural aroma. The scent reminds you of the old fashion...

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An organic beauty shopping spree!

   Today is my birthday and the thought came to mind that if I could give myself a gift of $200 to spend on any beauty product I wanted, what would it be? It didn’t take me long to figure this one out. I would give myself the gift of organic beauty and hea...

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