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A Birthday Wish

Hi everyone! It’s my birthday today and I just wanted to put up a short post. I am also celebrating the last day of school too! (I am a teacher in my other life…lol.) My birthday wish is to reach more and more women (and men too, for that matter) l...

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Giveaway: Bioethique Organics CLOSED

Recently, I reviewed a few of the lovely certified organic products made by Bioethique. If you read the review (and I hope you did!) you know my favorite product was the Hair Conditioning Mist. It’s a very versatile product which can be used in or after the ...

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A Misguided Trust

   Over the years, we’ve developed a certain trust of the products we use and the companies that make them. Our parents used the same products for years and years and in many cases, we have followed suit. We figure that if our parents used them for years, ...

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