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Perfume Reviews: Pure Natural Diva Botanical Perfumes

Welcome to the first in what I hope to be a series of natural perfume reviews! My mom’s birthday was May 4 and Mother’s Day always followed, so I used to tease her that she got me for two gifts. But I really loved getting my mom gifts. My usual gif...

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Green Gifts For Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is rapidly approaching! Do you already know what you’re getting for Mom? For that matter, for mom, grandma, auntie, and sisters? Here are some new ideas for you to help the special women in your life go green with their beauty routines! A grea...

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PerFumes? PureFumes!

There are many safe, chemical-free perfumes options available without dangerous phthaltes. Have you ever thought about making your own perfume?  This idea intrigues me as I love being the creator of my own personal care products because I know exactly which i...

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