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Can You Afford Not to Go Organic?

When I tell people I live an organic lifestyle, I usually get the same response, “Oh, I can’t afford it.” But when you think about the question, “Can you afford to go organic?” it leads you to the question, “Can you afford not to?” Believe me, I ...

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The Gradual Path to Organic Life

  Going green with your beauty routine does not have to be rushed. A lot of people become overwhelmed with everything they have to buy to start going organic. Like I have said before, it’s a process. You have to take it step by step. Prioritize what is most...

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The Organic Life: An Interview With Kelly Teegarden

With so many challenges facing us today, it makes you wonder how one can even begin to live an organic life. I recently had the chance to talk with an inspiring women who is doing just that: living an organic life and helping others to do the same. Kelly Teega...

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