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The Dark Side of Foundation

Many women use liquid foundation to even out the skin, cover slight imperfections and give a smooth overall appearance. I like to use foundation sometimes but for me it’s not an everyday thing.   Some days I go without, letting my natural skin shine thr...

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Health Glo Foundation by Real Purity

And now…as promised…introducing Health Glo Foundation by Real Purity. This is a foundation I found after browsing at one of my favorite online stores, Pure Body Solutions. This online natural beauty store refuses to sell any product which does not ...

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Best Foundation for Dry Skin

Many women are cursed with the dry skin blues. Yup, as we age, our bodies produce less of the stuff our skin needs to stay healthy and hydrated. Sometimes age has nothing to do with it! Even the young can experience dry skin as a result of cosmetic irritation,...

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