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Does Safe Sunscreen Exist?

Hey organic beauty lovers! I have been on vacation for the past week, so I have not updated the blog in a bit. Thanks for hanging in there with me though! I had the opportunity to go to Orlando, FL and I had a blast! I went to the water park and beautiful Coco...

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The Story of Cosmetics

If you have not already seen this eye-opening video, now is the time! It was created by The Story of Stuff in affiliation with the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics as a way to help people open their eyes about how cosmetics are made in this country. It proves that ...

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Retinyl Palmitate Debate

What is Retinyl Palmitate? June 21, 2010 (Be sure to read the update posted below) We’ve been hearing a lot about retinyl palmitate (rp) lately. Just what is it and what is it alleged to do? Retinyl palmitate is an ingredient found in many sunscreens and ski...

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