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Have a Piece of Pai

What’s more American than apple pie? Nothing really, but I’ve recently found out England does quite well too with pie….well not exactly pie, but “Pai.” Pai is an organic skin care line designed especially for sensitive skin. You know the kindR...

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Sleep Well With Sleep Scentsations

Ever since I threw myself whole heartedly into eco-life, I was attracted to the idea of essential oils. Not only can you use them for medicine and skin care, but to me, their best use is for aromatherapy. We’ve been hearing that buzzword “aromatherapy” f...

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Skincare Review: Blum Naturals Daily Cleansing Towelettes

A while back, I got caught up in a great dialogue on another blog about makeup remover wipes. So many readers were leaving comments saying how their wipes burned when they used them and I was one of them! I used to use Jason makeup remover pads and when I wipe...

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