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World War D: All Natural Deodorants Battle it Out

In today’s post, I get to combine two of my favorite things in the world: all natural deodorants and zombies. What in the world do these have in common, you ask? At first it doesn’t seem like they relate at all! But upon further inspection we find...

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This Deodorant Stuff is The Pits

When I was growing up, I had “pit problems.” What in the world is pit problems, you ask? Well I used to get these horrible welts (you can even call them boils…I know, gross) under my arms. The process would always be the same. Soak, soak, soak in hot wat...

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Skincare Review: The Buzz on Bubble and Bee

Today I get to share with you all a special skincare review! I get so excited when I discover a safe, organic skin care line. Yes, the thought of products with “no bad stuff” gets me going. I adore companies who put people over profits. I’ve found such a...

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