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Dangerous deodorants

      Like many people, for years I used deodorant without thinking about the ramifications.   I assumed it was safe because it was available to me. When I found out what it contains and how it affects you, I was astounded!   Aluminum is a toxin found i...

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This Deodorant Stuff is The Pits

When I was growing up, I had “pit problems.” What in the world is pit problems, you ask? Well I used to get these horrible welts (you can even call them boils…I know, gross) under my arms. The process would always be the same. Soak, soak, soak in hot wat...

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Skincare Review: Cosima Advanced Natural Skincare

Australia is known for so many unique and interesting things. Kangaroos, koalas (which are not really bears, you know), dingos, and Crocodile Dundee. Ok, maybe the last one is not so interesting….but you get my point. I happen to be a huge Dog Whisperer fan ...

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