Safe Makeup: Mineral Not as Safe as You Think?

safe makeup

Is mineral makeup safe...or does it contain hidden dangers?

The toxic cosmetic world is constantly changing. The minute you think you know about everything to avoid, something else surfaces as toxic. Now what, you ask? Mineral makeup! Yes, I know, this may hurt. Even I use it! So what is it about mineral makeup that makes it toxic?

Safe Makeup: But I Thought It Was Safe!

It’s mineral powder you should be careful of, especially mineral powder that contains titanium dioxide. Dr. Samuel Epstein discusses the dangers of powdered titanium dioxide in his book, Toxic Beauty: How Cosmetics and Personal Care Products Endanger Your Health and What You Can Do About It.

Safe Makeup: Do Not Inhale!

When you apply mineral powder, it is easily inhaled into the lungs because of the fine particle size. Studies show that titanium dioxide in powder form causes lung cancer in rodents. Many natural cosmetics brands contain this ingredient, still unaware of it’s dangers. Note: You only need to be concerned with titanium dioxide in powdered form. It’s perfectly safe otherwise.

Even Dr. Oz, a popular TV doc and writer, who I sometimes agree with and sometimes disagree with, has discussed the risks associated with mineral powders, especially fine particle mica. He also gives you three additional ingredients you should avoid and better alternatives.  Click here to read his article. Dr Oz- The Price of Beauty

Safe Makeup Exists

Now that I know about this, I am discontinuing my use of powdered titanium dioxide. What to use, you ask? No fear, other options for safe makeup exist, including liquid makeup, pressed powder or cream foundation. You can still be beautiful….naturally! Click here for more ideas – Health Glow Foundation

Stay natural…stay beautiful…go green!



Robin started her career as an educator of children and has now become an educator for adults everywhere who want to know the truth about what they put into their bodies through the skin. She is passionate about educating people to make better health and beauty choices.
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  • epilation montreal – clinique montreal epiler les poils

    Check it out,

    you should NEVER inhale any cosmetics product. It has never been tested for these purposes.

  • Robin Adler

    I don’t think people mean to inhale….it just happens inadvertently. By the way, I would like to clear a few things up right now about mineral makeup. Mineral face powder is the worst offender for potentially inhaling the minerals. However, mineral eye shadow is not as bad, nor blush. Just be careful to breathe through your nose when applying.

  • All Women Stalker

    Oh God.. this is so scary.. I’ve been using mineral make-up for so long but I don’t know what the ingredients are :(

  • Stretch

    I have to say that I have always loved what cosmetics and skincare has done for me, but some time difficult to find the right products for my skin.
    Your posting very useful for me.


  • Sisi

    I read toxic beauty too!
    I use this mineral makeup brand called Sweet Leilani based in Vancouver and their stuff is amazing. I only use pressed powders tho and I stuff my nose with tissue paper before I apply. Would that work? I think pressed powders are not as bad as loose, loose is the worst…
    .-= Sisi´s last blog ..look out, lip-balm-holics! =-.

  • Robin Adler

    Hey Sisi,
    I am going to check out Sweet Leilani! Yes, pressed is not as bad because it is not in loose form. I started using my pressed powder as a finishing touch to my make up, instead of just for touch-ups throughout the day.. I love Real Purity pressed powder. Have you ever used it? Check it out here:


  • Sisi

    glad u caught that mistake in the link! I fixed it so I hope it stays fixed haha. Thanks for letting me know about the giveaway rule I’ll write another post linking to the giveaway in a few days then~

    do I just leave 2 more comments under the giveaway post saying that I’ve linked to the post properly?
    .-= Sisi´s last blog ..look out, lip-balm-holics! =-.

  • Robin Adler

    Hey Sisi

    No you don’t need to leave another comment. I will make sure you get the proper number of entries. Thanks so much!


  • Leilani

    Hi Sisi,
    This is LeiLani, owner of sweet Leilani Cosmetics.
    Thanks for the kind words!!
    PS It depends on the particle size of the mineral powder, and how many times the titanium dioxide has been milled.
    We mill it 3 times.
    Take Care

  • Maria

    Hi Robin
    I want to let every one know. I had a CT scan done in November on my abdomen for a health issue. What they found that was unrelated, was spots on my lungs, fluid surrounding the lungs and a 3 cm lesion on the liver. I have been using a powder mineral make up for four years. I don’t smoke, I have never had pneumonia or TB. The Dr.’s say the spots on my lung are “just some kind of scaring.” My symptoms are exactly what Dr. Oz warms of. I’m glad that you too are posting health advise re: mineral powder use. All my Dr. had to say was “oh, I never heard that.”

    FYI Dr. Oz recommends nvey eco for lip and I also tried their make up. Both were beyond disappointing and very expensive. The foundation just sits on the skin and even rolls off if you touch it. The lip luster lasted about 3 minutes on the lips.

  • Robin Adler

    Hi Maria,

    Wow, that is pretty serious stuff. I am grateful to you for sharing your story. We certainly should not have to pay the price of poor health for beauty. I hope I have given you some better beauty alternatives that can safely do the job. I adore Real Purity….a makeup line started by a pioneer, Virginia Easterling. She created products for women who couldn’t wear conventional makeup, herself included. The products are safe, natural, and effective. Real Purity doesn’t skimp on ingredients so it may be more pricey than the drugstore brand, but you will be satisfied with the performance. Check it out here (enter Real Purity into the search box): Real Purity
    Take care,

  • Deanna H.

    My 13 year old daughter almost died from pneumonia which we believe was caused by her daily use of Mary Kay’s mineral loose foundation/powder. We have no absolute proof yet, but they have run hundreds of tests, infectious disease doctors, 4 days in the hospital and have found nothing infectious. She does have seasonal asthma which may have also been a factor. I took her to her pediatrician on Monday & they said it was a virus. By Wednesday she could barely breathe & I rushed her to the ER, where they admitted her with full blown pneumonia. GET THIS STORY OUT & BE CAREFUL!!! I was trying to sell Mary Kay and now do not or use mineral makeup or loose powder of any kind.. Deanna F/ Houston

  • Robin Adler

    Thank you for sharing your story. It is so sad to see toxic cosmetics affecting girls at such a young age! I think your daughter’s illness did have something to do with the makeup. I have heard stories like this before, where illness comes from out of nowhere with no seeming cause. I hope she’s doing better now and realizing that she doesn’t need to use toxic cosmetics to be beautiful….I am sure she is beautiful without makeup but if she does still want to wear it, many safer choices exist. I am here to help, so feel free to e-mail me for any suggestions.

  • http://Www.christopherdrummond.coM J one

    I have found a powdered makeup line that has face powders that are free of powdered titanium dioxide. It’s a great line called Christopher Drummond beauty ( It’s natural, organic based and vegan products are amazing!

  • Monique

    Hey! Thanks for the info, I was curious as to if anyone has tried Illuminaire cosmetics and the thoughts on their ingredients.

  • Amanda

    Hi everyone,
    I am an intern at a news station in Boston. My producer and I are working on the dangers of mineral makeup and we are looking for people to talk to who use this type of makeup. Would anyone who uses mineral makeup be willing to speak to us? If so, please contact me at Thank you and I hope to hear from one (or many!) of you soon!