The Story of Cosmetics

If you have not already seen this eye-opening video, now is the time! It was created by The Story of Stuff in affiliation with the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics as a way to help people open their eyes about how cosmetics are made in this country. It proves that most cosmetic companies are not in it for the good of the consumer. They are in it for profit. When companies value profits over people, health suffers.

It’s Time for Accountability

Another event is ongoing right now in our nation’s capital. The Safe Cosmetics Act of 2010 is the first bill proposed in years to revise our nation’s cosmetic’s laws. Reform regarding cosmetics is greatly needed as cosmetics companies have shown us that they are unable to regulate themselves. Many unsafe toxins and chemicals are allowed to be put into products. Some of these are even linked to serious diseases such as cancer, Alzheimer’s, and hormone disruption. Just what would this new legislation do? From the Huffington Post: “Among other things, the bill would require full disclosure of cosmetic ingredients and bar or restrict chemicals linked to cancer or birth defects or toxic to the reproductive system or other systems during development.” It’s going to be a long hard journey to get this bill passed. To read more from the article written by the EWG’s Ken Cook, click here: Let’s Move the Safe Cosmetics Bill and be sure to watch The Story of Cosmetics below.

What are your feelings on this bill? I’ve heard from some small companies that it would hurt their business due to stricter ingredient reporting and many are against the passage of this legislation. I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Stay natural…stay beautiful…go green!

Robin started her career as an educator of children and has now become an educator for adults everywhere who want to know the truth about what they put into their bodies through the skin. She is passionate about educating people to make better health and beauty choices.
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  • http://onenewbraineplease.wordpress,com/ Trish Austin

    I agree with the video. But, it’s a meager start. Just think of what the FDA does control, like medications, and how quickly they are approved-then after people are killed by a drug or seriously harmed is the drug taken off the market. It’s all about money/I’m afraid that if the FDA approves drugs after only a few months of testing, how serious will the standards be for chemicals in cosmetics?

    People need to be educated and boycott products that have the chemicals in them-but it’s hard to do with the ad campaigns/promises made to the consumer etc..

  • Petra

    I totally agree with 99.999% of all the info here and I am grateful that at least a few other people care about this like me. But I don’t agree that we should give the FDA more power…they already run amok in so many ways, and they seem to have a level of absolute power and control that is un-challenge-able (a new word, LOL). I think we send our messages with our dollars. The conglomerates would be poor if they were relying on my spending to keep them afloat. Food conglomerate products account for – probably – 1% of my spending. I buy staples like rice or beans and fresh foods like produce and meats. I rarely EVER purchase any prepared foods, and I absolutely NEVER buy any foods that contain corn syrup, MSG in any form, artificial colors or artificial flavors. And I buy my personal care products at health food stores so that I am supporting companies that 1) make a great product and 2) are not poisoning me. If everyone stopped buying, say, Pantene Pro-V, and the shelves, distribution centers and factories were overloaded with unsold product, I believe it would send a message that the manufacturer would hear. America: STOP BUYING CRAP AND “THEY” WILL BE FORCED TO STOP PRODUCING CRAP! Only if their bottom line is injured will they heed the message and start offering us better, less toxic choices!

  • Robin Adler


    I agree with you. The FDA has not done a very good job about regulating medications and it does worry me to put more control of cosmetics into their hands….however we do need some form of legislation to curb the irresponsibility of some cosmetics companies. Thanks for commenting!


  • Robin Adler

    I applaud you Petra. I like you, also fear putting more control into the FDA’s hands when they have already proven their ineffectiveness in the food and drug industries…..and they are very quick to put a stop to whistleblowers such as Kevin Trudeau….people who simply want to tell people the truth. I also don’t purchase mainstream, processed foods and cosmetics…I buy a lot of my stuff in health food stores and online, as it is cheaper, and I support businesses who sell from the heart, instead of with their sole intentions on making money. When more people begin realizing that huge companies do not have their best interests at heart and demand safer products, only then can we begin to see real reform! This is the message I hope to spread with Toxic Beauty Blog and my upcoming ebook, Saving Face: Exposing Toxic Cosmetics.


  • Leslie @

    Yay for blogging the same video, and yay for having the same ideas! Love this … love you … and I will be back lots and lots and lots.
    Leslie @´s last blog post ..Food On Your Face – Mango Yummy Recipe Linkies at the Bottom!

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  • Mississippi Medigap

    There are definitely some questionable items in the ingredients of some cosmetics. Thanks for including the video, really enjoyed it!