A Misguided Trust

   Over the years, we’ve developed a certain trust of the products we use and the companies that make them. Our parents used the same products for years and years and in many cases, we have followed suit. We figure that if our parents used them for years, they must be safe. Who would think that the makers of these trusted products would use toxic ingredients that can potentially harm you or cause disease? For years, I used the same personal care products as my mother did….as I got older, those difficult to pronounce ingredients started to make me think. What in the world is phenyloxyethanol and what is it doing in my hair gel???

   The trust we have developed is hard to overcome. It’s been built over many years. We think that the products we use are safe, otherwise, why would “they” be selling them? Well, it is sad to say that most products contain the cheapest ingredients possible, designed to maximize profits. A lot of the chemicals and preservatives used in personal care products today are bought very cheaply. But the biggest price of all is the cost to our health! Many people still say, why would they let us use disease-causing products if they knew the effects? The answer again is…profit. It’s sad to admit, but most large corporations are not looking out for your health and well being. The all mighty dollar is the bottom line.

   This brings to mind the countless times in American history when the government tried to cover-up their follies until someone uncovered the truth. Whether it be tainted water, toxic waste, or unsafe food, the government has a history of trying to keep it quiet. Why should the health and beauty industry be any different? Today is the day we need to take our trust to a new level…which might mean evaluating your health and beauty habits. The most important defense against things like this is to become educated consumers…and don’t take everything for face value.

Robin started her career as an educator of children and has now become an educator for adults everywhere who want to know the truth about what they put into their bodies through the skin. She is passionate about educating people to make better health and beauty choices.
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  • http://www.watchyourtrainerblog.com Darren

    Great post. For years, I trusted my deodorant,toothpaste, and even shaving products until I payed close attention to the ingredients! I was amazed at what I found..some of the ingredients were known carcinogens ( cancer causing). I am finding that it is all about profit only with these corporations. They could care less about what’s in their products. Someone needs to hold them responsible.

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  • http://www.licetokill.com/ lice treatment

    We really need to start trusting ourselves more to look deeper at everything WE buy and put on our skin and in our bodies. We can’t look to others to keep us healthy, but at the same time I feel we are constantly being bombarded from all angles w/ toxins, poisons, and junk. A lot of which we don’t ever realize is even there, most of it is hidden and never shared with us out in the open.

    I try to buy only natural, organic, toxic free products and food…get a great water filter too, cause you have NO IDEA the crap that’s in our tap water now. Did you know chlorene itself causes cancers too…and there is now Flouride in our water, and mercury, known to again cause cancer, chronic fatigue, fibromialgia, and senility.

    Ok, thats enough. Great post…and we are unfortunately being lied to by many companies all in the name of the almighty (and corrupt at times!) dollar.

    Don’t become the next victim. YOU can protect yourself…and your family!


  • http://www.licetokill.com/ lice treatment

    Oh, I brush my teeth with naturally made peppermint soap…i just take a tiny piece off w/ my nail, and use it in my mouth with a little water to help it lather up…i LOVE it so much, and my teeth are so much healthier…tooth soap is how I 1st heard about the idea, but its cheaper to just find a great natural soap maker and buy bars of soap to use…I tell you 2 bars lasts me about a year…$8 total.

    Just a thought!


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