Perfume Reviews: Pure Natural Diva Botanical Perfumes

Welcome to the first in what I hope to be a series of natural perfume reviews!

My mom’s birthday was May 4 and Mother’s Day always followed, so I used to tease her that she got me for two gifts. But I really loved getting my mom gifts. My usual gifts for her was jewelry. She had about every piece of jewelry you could think of with “#1 Mom” on it. She always loved what I got her!

Occasionally, I would stray from my normal routine and get her perfume. I remember one of her favorites was Chantilly. Remember that one? :-)

When I think back to the perfumes I got her, I shudder now that I know how toxic conventional perfumes are. They’re loaded with synthetic ingredients which are only tested for their skin effects. Respiratory, neurological, or systemic effects are never tested. This is the industry norm.

Phthalates are the chemicals that give perfumes their fragrance. Phthalates are a known environmental toxin and suspected hormone disruptor. The scary thing about phthalates is they don’t need to be listed on the label and are considered a trade secret.

The best bet for perfumes is to choose a natural or organic variety, which used plant essences and essential oils. Why not help Mom get healthier by giving her nontoxic perfume instead of the toxic alternative? And now on to the perfume reviews!

Pure Natural Diva Botanicals are a new 100% Natural Perfume that would be the perfect gift for Mom. They come in 4 scents: Pure, Natural, Diva, and Elixir. Here’s a quick synopsis of each scent:

Pure is sensually uplifting, like sunny day in a mixed field of lemongrass and Lavender. Notes include uplifting cassie, soothing chamomile, lemon, lime and an Egyptian neroli.

Natural is fresh and inviting: Imagine a picnic in a rose-bordered citrus grove. Notes include a hint of clary sage, exalting pink grapefruit, Moroccan rose, and soothing ylang ylang.

Diva is full of soul—sultry and mysterious. Notes include natural musk derived from Ambrette, sinfully smooth New Caledonian Sandalwood, blended together in a lusciously robust Vanilla.

Elixir wakens the senses, like a lingering morning with an ocean view. Notes include aphrodisiacal vanilla, a hint of oakmoss, exquisite osmanthus, married with rejuvenating pink grapefruit and red mandarin.


I recently had the chance to test out all four scents and my favorite hands down was Elixir. It’s got subtle hints of vanilla, but not too much vanilla if you know what I mean. It’s just right!

What I like about all the scents (beside the fact that they are 100% natural) is that they’re not strong. When someone’s wearing a strong perfume and they walk by, it slaps you in the face. PND organic perfumes are subtle. I think perfumes are supposed to be worn to please yourself, not so others can smell you.

If vanilla isn’t your mom’s cup of tea, I’m sure one of the other three scents would be up her alley.

You can become a Diva VIP to get free shipping on all orders over $50 and get the latest news on new products and deals!

Speaking of deals, just in time for Mother’s day, PND Botanicals has a wonderful sale for you: You can choose between two gift sets. It’s really perfect- the gift recipient will get a gift wrapped sample set – so Mom can experience all of the wonderful scents along with a gift certificate for a full size bottle they can select for themselves.

I received one of these sets and it was really a wonderful way for me to determine which one I liked best. I plan on getting a full sized bottle of Elixir!

Since Mother’s Day is fast approaching, I urge you to stay away giving toxic perfumes as gifts and instead opt for scents from nature with Pure Natural Diva Botanical Organic Perfume. I hope these perfume reviews were helpful in selecting the perfect gift for mom!


Stay natural…stay beautiful…go green!

Robin started her career as an educator of children and has now become an educator for adults everywhere who want to know the truth about what they put into their bodies through the skin. She is passionate about educating people to make better health and beauty choices.
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  • Betty

    I have actually been looking for a quality organic natural perfume. I tried a popular name brand roll-on in the past, but didn’t like it one bit. Will surely give this a try. I hope it works for me because I have been trying to move away from products that contain chemicals/synthetic ingredients. I currently use all natural skincare products, but finding a good natural perfume has been quite an uphill task for me.
    Betty´s last blog post ..NeuCell Skin Lightener

  • Natural Organics

    Hi Betty,

    You’ll love these, I just know it. How wonderful you made the switch to all natural products. It’s hard to give up our favorite perfumes, but it’s so much better to choose safer options.


  • Tania

    These sound lovely, especially elixir! I’m always going for anything scented with vanilla :) x
    Tania´s last blog post ..Exciting News! – The Little Skincare Shop