The Best Organic Market You’ve Never Heard Of

I have discovered an awesome organic market! Where is it, you say? Well it’s online, making thousands of natural products available to just about anyone in the continental United States!


I’m a pretty savvy organic shopper, so I thought I knew all the best places to buy natural products online. I discovered this shop through my daily Organic Deals & Coupons newsletter. By the way, if you’re not subscribed to this, I totally recommend it. It’s a great blog that gives you sales and deals on everything natural and organic! One day they sent an email about Abe’s Market. They linked to a deal (sort of like a Groupon) on a site for a gift certificate for $25 for $15. That’s like getting $10 worth of products for free! Needless to say, I jumped on it!

I wanted to share this site with you as I know buying organic, especially beauty and personal care products, can get expensive and Abe’s Market has excellent prices. Not only do they sell cosmetics, but they also sell other natural products for the whole family and pets.


The site is pretty sweet looking too, which makes it a pleasure to shop online. They’re always having sales, so if you sign up for their newsletter, you get first dibs! I love it when they have free shipping, which is often. That’s when I stock up on Justin’s Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups. They are my secret indulgence. Please don’t tell!

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They also feature a variety of sellers, many of whom are smaller, independent brands, who I love to support. They give you the background story about how these businesses began (love that!)


Another great thing Abe’s Market does is they sponsor giveaways! On their Facebook page, they always have a giveaway going on for cool natural products.


Since we are primarily concerned with beauty products on my blog (and anyway, isn’t that the most important thing?), here’s a few highlights of the best natural products they carry:


  • Peacekeep Cause-Metics Lip Glosses- I bought the color called “Stillness.” It’s a gorgeous neutral peachy-beige with slight sparkle. I adore it! It’s $9.95, which is a pretty good price for a natural lip gloss.


  • Keeki Pure & Simple- A while back, I tested out their water-based nail polish, which are terrific. Abe’s also sells their line of lip balms.


  • Golden Earth- This is a natural perfume line which I happened to review last year…at only $20 a bottle, this is a pretty sweet deal!


  • Blissoma- Another brand they carry which I reviewed a few years ago. Blissoma is a fabulous line created by a woman who really knows how to formulate natural skin care!


Here’s a few more Abe’s Market perks:


  • You can sample any 3 products for just $2 (pretty cool)
  • You can get a discount simply by sharing your cart or a product page with a friend!
  • You can buy chocolate in BULK (what more needs to be said here?)
  • As I mentioned before, they have FREE shipping deals all the time

And here’s another PERK!

Place an order at Abe’s Market, enter code “TBB” at checkout and automatically get 10% off your order! But hurry, this is through the end of the month only!


A few weeks ago, they even had a common last name sale. If your last name was one of the most common ones they provided, all you had to do was enter it into the coupon code box and you’d get 20% off! Isn’t that cool?


I could go on and on…instead why don’t you take a minute to explore what Abe’s Market has to offer, then come back to this post and leave a comment on what you thought of the site.


Ok, are you back yet? Impressed? I know I am.  I know you’re dying to go back to the Abe’s Market site and shop some more. I won’t hold you back! Just remember it was me who sent you to the greatest organic market online!


Stay natural…stay beautiful…go green!


Disclaimer: If you decide to purchase any of the products from Abe’s Market through my links, I will make an affiliate commission which will contribute toward my Toxic Beauty fund (which will probably go right back to Abe’s Market when I place my next order!) :-)

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  • Kelly

    Can’t wait to check it out! It’s not easy to find clean products for a bargain, thanks for sharing!
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  • Natural Organics

    Hi Kelly,
    Glad you liked the post! I am so addicted to Abe’s Market and glad I could share it with you. :)

  • Bebeautysmart (Dina)

    Too bad that they don’t ship to Canada:(
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  • Keeping Up-To-Date

    Wow! Thanks for sharing. I had no idea about Abe’s Market. Visiting you from the Getting To Know You Hop. :D I’m a new follower. Have great one!
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  • Lyra

    I am surely gonna check this market online. Really thanks for sharing it. I’ll comment back after I get to try their awesome products! :)
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    Thanks for dropping in, Sherlinda! Great to have you here!


  • Natural Organics

    I’m sorry, Dina! If anything, you could have it shipped to a friend in the US and then shipped to you maybe..? :)