How to Go Green With Your Beauty Routine

How long have you been “green” with your beauty routine?

For me, it’s been about five years. It didn’t all happen at once, but it was a gradual switch for me. One of the last conventional products I said goodbye to (with a tear in my eye) was my eyeshadow. All the pretty colors and so vivid! Have you guessed the brand? Yes, MAC. And at $15 a pop, they don’t come cheap. I thought I would never find something comparable to the beautiful colors of MAC….until I did!

Many people think this way…that they can’t give up their conventional product because there will never be a natural counterpart that works as well or looks as good. Wrong! I am here today to prove this to you. Natural and organic beauty products not only can compare with conventional but can beat them by a long shot!

If you’ve been steadily going green, but are still holding on to these last few toxic products, this post is for you! Through my journey as the “Toxic Beauty Avenger” I’ve found a wealth of amazing natural and organic products that are fabulous! I’m going to share the toxic product and the safe replacement with you today. So ladies, kick those last few toxics to the curb and check out my conversion chart below.

[As a side note, you may find that the natural product is more pricey than the conventional. This is simply because the toxic product uses cheap ingredients which will harm your body and cause disease. The natural one uses quality and safe ingredients, which cost more. I always say, pay now or pay later!]

organic beauty products

Check out this handy chart for a quick toxic to natural conversion!

What products have you switched out and what did you switch to? Share them with me below!


Robin started her career as an educator of children and has now become an educator for adults everywhere who want to know the truth about what they put into their bodies through the skin. She is passionate about educating people to make better health and beauty choices.
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  • Tania

    Great post and some lovely alternative products :) About a year ago I decided I didn’t want to use harsh chemicals on my skin and I now only use natural skincare – having a harder time not using my normal makeup brands though – that’s definitely my next step though! x

  • Frisør Valby

    I only sell “green” products :)
    Frisør Valby´s last blog post ..Hello world!

  • Lari

    We have an organic cosmetics store, both online and in the Seattle area – every Halloween we offer a ‘Label to Grave’ promo:

    You bring in any products you have at home that have naughty ingredients in them (pretty much all products purchased at Drug Stores, Department stores, conventional makeup stores etc etc) and put them to rest in the shallow grave we have created at PrettyStick. And as at any good exorcism, we’ll say a little spell.

    After the spell has taken hold, we offer 20% of your entire purchase of new good-for-you Health and Beauty products!!!!!!! This year we are hoping to offer the Label to Grave promo online as well…

  • Natural Organics

    Hey Lari,

    That is so awesome! I wish this sort of thing would become a worldwide phenomenon! Thanks for visiting and commenting!