Sunscreen Hall of Fame

Each year, the Environmental Working Group (EWG) comes out with their safe sunscreen guide. It’s a great tool, especially if you have no clue as to which sunscreen to choose! There are so many different ones out there and one of the most important things you can do to protect your health (and your skin) is to use a safe, non-chemical sunscreen.

Top rated from the EWG (again!)

Which one received top marks (again?) Three of Badger’s sunscreens received a score of 1 (a score of 0-2 means recommended.) I used to use Badger SPF 30 for Face & Body and I found it was a highly effective sunscreen and even lasted through swimming. My only issue was that it was bit thick…not a huge price to pay for safe sunscreen however. Badger would be a great choice for kids  because you don‘t have to reapply too often and it’s waterproof (please still do reapply after much swimming or sweating!) Check out Badger sunscreen at Pure Complexions.

Keys Solar RX SPF 30 is once again a top rated choice.

Keys Solar RX SPF 30+ Sunblock is also top rated on EWG 2010 Sunscreen report. It’s an awesome everyday sun block and is NOT designed for extended sun bathing use. It’s like an anti-aging moisturizer and a sun block in one that works great for under your makeup. When you use this sun block, you will probably find there’s no need for an extra moisturizer. Bob Root created this sunscreen after his wife, Wendy, developed melanoma. He succeeded in creating a safe and natural way to protect the skin. It’s designed for use on the face, neck, and hands. The therapeutic ingredients are:

18.5% nano zinc-oxide (uncoated), 10% shea butter, avocado oil, carrot seed oil, black cumin oil, essential oil blend, purified water, vegetable glycerin, USP kosher vegetable wax (from palm), rosemary extract

After I let a friend sample mine, she immediately ordered some for herself and her mom!

Mercola SPF 30 + free travel bottle

I was a little disappointed to see that the EWG did not rate my all time favorite sunscreen, Mercola Natural Sunscreen. I’m curious to see what the EWG thinks of this sunscreen! All I know is that the ingredients don’t lie. Mercola Natural Sunscreen comes in SPF 15, 30, and 50 (I use the 30.) It’s meant for long term exposure in the sun, such as a day at the beach. It’s absorbs beautifully without leaving any white residue. Just remember to reapply after swimming or sweating as it is not waterproof. I’ve used this repeatedly at the beach for the past year and I have never gotten burned when using this sunscreen. When you purchase the sunscreen, you even get a free refillable travel bottle. I use mine all the time and it comes in handy! In fact, it’s almost time for me to reorder!

What makes Mercola Natural Sunscreen so effective? It uses zinc and titanium dioxide to safely protect skin from UVB rays and also includes:

sunflower oil, lecithin, coconut oil, glycerine, jojoba oil, vitamin E, shea butter, and eucalyptus oil

For a detailed explanation about each ingredient visit here: Mercola Natural Sunscreen. (scroll down to about the middle of the page)

I can honestly say if I was stuck on a desert island, I would take this sunscreen with me!

Want to see what other sunscreen rated highest on EWG? Click on the link below to read the full report and search for your sunscreen….it might even motivate you to make a switch!

EWG 2010 Sunscreen Guide

Stay natural…stay beautiful…go green!

Robin started her career as an educator of children and has now become an educator for adults everywhere who want to know the truth about what they put into their bodies through the skin. She is passionate about educating people to make better health and beauty choices.
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  • squalene

    Since I live in a country downunder, wearing sunscreen is a must. I like the sound of Keys Solar RX SPF 30+. I would like to use sunscreen everyday if possible, even under the make up. This is a very informative post for me and hopefully I can obtain those products here.
    .-= squalene´s last blog ..Plant Squalene vs Animal Squalene =-.

  • catherine

    Check out these guys at They have figured out what the big sunscreen companies have not. Every drop is effective ingredient. It is not watered down and does not contain synthetic chemicals. I love it! My skin is very smooth and blemish-free also.