Does Safe Sunscreen Exist?

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Hey organic beauty lovers! I have been on vacation for the past week, so I have not updated the blog in a bit. Thanks for hanging in there with me though! I had the opportunity to go to Orlando, FL and I had a blast! I went to the water park and beautiful Cocoa Beach. I did not go unprepared however. I made sure I brought safe sunscreen to protect myself from the sun.

In my organic journey, I have searched and searched for a safe, natural, non-chemical sunscreen. I live in South Florida, where this is a necessity. Plus during the summertime I practically live at the beach. So what is a girl to do? Well I did a little trial and error (which can be expensive!)

First I tried Burt’s Bees Non-Chemical Sunscreen. I was not impressed. It was difficult to rub in and seemed to bead when it was rubbed in to much. Plus, I noticed that I burned.

Next, I tried UV Naturals Sunscreen. While it was thick as can be and also difficult to rub in, it provided great sun protection and the ingredients were very pure. I also use a sunscreen made by Badger (SPF 30,) which has been my favorite so far. Still on the thick side, but providing very good sun protection.

So maybe you don’t have the time or resources to test sunscreens? The Environmental Working Group makes this easy for you!

The EWG is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping inform and protect people about health and environmental issues. They recently studied over 1,600 sunscreens and products containing spf to determine their safety and effectiveness. There were some surprising results. Most sunscreens tested did not protect skin from sun damage or had hazardous chemicals! To make it even easier for you, they rate the sunscreens from best to worst. The ratings go from 0 (the best) to 10 (avoid.)

Not surprisingly, the best overall sunscreen was…(drumroll please)…Badger!!

It received a rating of 0 for UVB and UVA protection and sunscreen stability. If you would like to check out the rest of the list and even search for your sunscreen, visit

Click here to read the full ingredient list and to purchase this protective sunscreen: Badger (just type Badger into the search bar)

On a personal note, I would just like to thank those at EWG and Skin Deep (EWG’s Cosmetic Safety Database) for all their hard work and dedication on informing the public about the dangerous chemicals in our products.

What safe sunscreens do you use? As always, comments are welcome. It’s good to be back!

Update: Since I wrote this post, I have experienced a few more terrific sunscreens I want to share with you!

Loving Naturals (Purchase at link below in the box)-  This is a clear (yes, clear!) sunscreen for the face and body with limited and safe ingredients. It’s very effective! My favorite sunscreen to date.

Raw Elements- A totally natural sunscreen designed by a former Miami Beach lifeguard.

If these recommendations don’t “float your boat”- check out Abe’s Market for a variety of eco-friendly sunscreens at excellent prices!

Stay natural…stay beautiful…go green!

Robin started her career as an educator of children and has now become an educator for adults everywhere who want to know the truth about what they put into their bodies through the skin. She is passionate about educating people to make better health and beauty choices.
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  • Bionic Beauty

    Hey there! I didn’t realize you were a Florida gal too. :) It is so hard to find a good sunscreen, and further harder to find one that’s good for you. I was happy to hear about your success with Badger. I’ve been wanting to try their line, so now it’s officially on my wish list.

    I found a great sunscreen this year in my local natural food store. They mix it on site. It’s Zinc bases with Aloe, Witch Hazel and some other natural ingredients. It looks awful but you shake it really well and then spritz it on. It’s fabulous under makeup and I love the zinc since it’s effective right away. No mess, no beading, no whiteness. It’s wonderful! And it’s only $5 for a spray bottle! Woo hoo!

    Keep up the great work blogging!

  • Beija Flor Naturals

    I love light natural oils! Especially in the summer when body butters are a bit heavy. I created a “summer fruit oil” blend that’s a mixture of Apricot, Cherry and Peach Kernel Oil-super light and great for skin and hair :)

  • Carolyn

    Have you tried Keys Soap Solar Rx moisturizing sunblock? #1 on the EWG list. also, co-founder and melanoma skin cancer survivor Wendy Steele and her husband and co-founder, Bob Root, have lots of good information about cancer detection/prevention and chemical-free skin protection on their blog at:

  • Robin Adler

    Hi Carolyn,
    No, I have not tried Keys Sunscreen but thank you for letting me know about it and their blog. I will be sure to check it out.

  • Voce

    Badger for body. Devita Solar Protective Moisturizer for everyday use on face/under makeup. It doesn’t clog my pores. MyChelle also makes a facial moisturizer/sunscreen that I used before I found Devita.

  • Natural Organics

    Thanks for chiming in, Voce! I actually don’t use a daily sunscreen as I think the skin needs the sun for the short time we are in it walking to and from our cars, etc, every day….

  • Cadie

    These are great recommendations. I love Badger, too. I’m a big fan of Soleo Organics although they can be tough to find. I’ve also heard good things about Blue Lizard. For me, I only use mineral sunscreens, not chemical. They may be a little more difficult to rub in, but I’m not taking my chances with tons of chemicals!
    Cadie´s last blog post ..I had triplets!

  • Natural Organics

    Hi Cadie,

    Thank you! I also use only mineral sunscreens…thanks for the additional recommendations! I’m also going to go visit your blog! Thanks for commenting. :-)