Natural Perfume Review: Pour le Monde Fragrances

Did you see After Earth? I’d heard it had received bad reviews, so I wasn’t in too big of a rush to watch it, although I usually hurry to catch Will Smith movies. I waited a bit before I finally saw it and I actually really liked it! Will Smith doesn’t disappoint. It wasn’t like his normal movies, full of him supplying all the action. It was primarily starring his son, Jaden. Another thing about the movie that was very different was the message. It actually had one! If you’ve seen it, did you figure it out? I won’t be a spoiler, but it had something to do with fear and how we interpret it.

In the film, Smith plays a ranger who can “ghost” or become invisible to alien monsters bred to kill humans. The aliens were blind so the only way they could find a human was to smell their fear. When people are afraid, their bodies excrete pheromones. Smith’s character, however, was not fearful and could extinguish the alien monster without being “seen” (or actually smelled.)

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Like the film, today’s post has to do with smells. As a culture, we like pleasant smells since they can bring back good memories or increase happy chemicals in our bodies. We like our bodies to smell good, sometimes for the reason of attracting the opposite sex (through this we release our own custom blend of pheromones- see photo above for a mini-pheromone lesson.)

Many people choose to use perfumes for these reasons. For those of us who are discriminating about what we put on our bodies, the choices for natural fragrances seem limited. Fortunately for us, the market for natural perfumes is growing. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to find a non-toxic perfume that also gave back to very worthy causes? You might even say that would be great “for the world.”

Well this does exist and Pour le Monde, translated as “for the world,” is making that happen.

Pour le Monde makes 3 distinctive natural fragrances and donates 10% of their sales to worthwhile charities like the Cancer Support Community and Eyes for the Blind. It’s a wonderful feeling to know that while you’re helping yourself by choosing a safe product, you’re also helping others.

Pour le Monde’s formulas evoke the scents of nature.

 When you use Pour le Monde fragrances you’re getting:

• 100% natural fragrance made from essential oils and natural isolates

• Natural Grain alcohol

• Distilled water


What you’re NOT getting:

• Petrochemicals

• Phthalates

• Artificial Dyes of any kind

• Propylene Glycol

• Synthetic Alcohol

• Mineral Oil

• Parabens

• Chemical Sunscreens

• Formaldehyde

• Sulfates

I had the chance to sample all three of Pour le Monde’s nontoxic fragrances and will give you my impressions here. Keep in mind however, that the fragrances will mix with your own body chemistry and create your own personal fragrance.

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Envision- Pour le Monde describes Envision as “Daring and exotic. Irresistably sensual.” I must concur. It’s a fabulous scent for a special night out. It’s sweet and sultry with notes of vanilla and bergamot. This one has to be my favorite!


Empower- “Fresh and spirited. Playful and energizing.” Crisp and refreshing…this is a great every day scent with notes of lemon and grapefruit.


Together- “Elegant and graceful. Flirtatious yet delicate” I wore this for my boyfriend’s birthday dinner and fell in love with it. Great for day or evening wear, it’s tangy with notes of fruit and jasmine.

 A great way to find out which one you’d prefer is to get the sample pack. You get 3 vials for $18. If you’re like me, you can make these vials last 2-3 months!

One thing to keep in mind when using natural fragrances- they will not last nearly as long as synthetic. That being said however, Pour le Monde’s fragrances did have staying power beyond many other nontoxic perfumes I’ve tried. This may be in part due to the alcohol content.


Are you excited to give Pour le Monde a try and discover which scent is your favorite?


What natural fragrances have you tried and loved?


What scents thrill you the most? Are you a lover of the sensual, the fresh, the woodsy…the fruity?


Let’s dish in the comments section!


Stay natural…stay beautiful…go green!

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Robin started her career as an educator of children and has now become an educator for adults everywhere who want to know the truth about what they put into their bodies through the skin. She is passionate about educating people to make better health and beauty choices.
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