You Get What You Pay For

Happy Earth Day everyone!

I recently had the pleasure of speaking with Rich Easterling of Real Purity Cosmetics. We got to talking about why organics and products with natural ingredients cost more. Some of you may be wondering this same thing. Is this stopping you from buying organic beauty products? For many years I purchased commercial beauty products and it never really occurred to me why my shampoo only cost $.89. Now I know the reason why. You get what you pay for!

Drug Store Cosmetics vs Organic Cosmetics

Many commercial beauty companies use the cheapest ingredients possible to create their products. These ingredients may include synthetics and preservatives created in a lab. Some are even contaminated with carcinogens. Through this process, the companies are able to provide mass quantities of a very affordable product to the consumer. Do they even care that the cheap ingredients are harmful and linked to terrible diseases?

So why are organics more money? It costs much more to purchase pure, safe, and natural ingredients than synthetic petrochemicals. Rich confided in me that it cost the same amount for a 55 gallon drum of one synthetic ingredient as 2 gallons of that same ingredient in its natural form. This is an astounding statistic! This is why the natural deodorant is $10, while the commercial deodorant full of aluminum, parabens, and artificial fragrance is $2.99. You are literally paying for a better and safer product which will not compromise your health. The natural product is of a better quality, is naturally sourced, and will probably work better as well. This is why it is more expensive because it costs more to make a safe product.

I can’t speak for other companies, but I know that Real Purity is a family owned company who put people before profits. They, and many other fine natural lines out there, seek to find you the best, safest and most effective ingredients possible.  Look for products from creators who are looking out for your well being. Either pay now for a safe product…or pay later with health problems and doctor bills…the choice is yours.

Need tips on how to gradually go green? Check out this post from the Toxic Beauty archives: The gradual path to organic living.

On another note, Toxic Beauty Blog is one year old! I have enjoyed running this blog so much and I look forward to providing you with more quality content over the next year.

Stay natural…stay beautiful…go green!


Robin started her career as an educator of children and has now become an educator for adults everywhere who want to know the truth about what they put into their bodies through the skin. She is passionate about educating people to make better health and beauty choices.
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  • Renee

    Congradulations on the one year mark!!! I am almost 2 years since I first read Beauty Secrets of the Bible by Ginger Garrett which started me on my natural cosmetics journey. Keep up the good blogging!

  • Robin Adler

    Thank you, Renee! :-)

  • Erin Ely

    This is so true. I know that miessence products that I sell, but do not manufacture… they spend 3 to 300 times the amount on their ingredients vs a “traditional” product line.

    For instance a liter of certified organic rose essential oil costs $10,000. Yes it’s astounding.

    One thing that goes even a bit further in regards to the ingredients of a certified organic product which drives up the cost is that each ingredient in the product must have a paper trail back to the seed and farm where it was grown.

    This requires a big effort on the part of the manufacturer to keep all the records. Also the manufacturing plant must be certified as well. So a truly organic product, one that is third party food standard certified organic by USDA or ACO (like miessence) requires a much bigger commitment by the company to meet the organic claim they are making for the product.

    Thanks for educating us :)


  • Michelle

    Hi Robin! I just read your e-mail about Blissoma. I need a feedback on which product to buy. By the way, what can you say about the books “Toxic Beauty” by Samuel Epstein and “Not Just a Pretty Face” by Stacy Malkan?

  • Robin Adler

    Hi Erin,

    Thanks for the great comments and extra info! I didn’t know that about the paper trail!


  • Robin Adler

    Hi Michelle,

    Check your e-mail for my recommendations! As far as the book, “Toxic Beauty”, for me it’s an essential resource for the eco-beauty conscious girl! Dr. Samuel Epstein did a fabulous categorizing and explaining the most dangerous toxic ingredients we should avoid. I highly recommend it. He was just interviewed by Dr. Mercola too…to access to Dr. Mercola’s interviews and newsletter click here: Dr. Mercola newsletter As for “Not Just a Pretty Face,” I have not read that one yet, but I’ve heard great things.

    Also, my ebook, Saving Face: Exposing Toxic Cosmetics is upcoming and I plan on including all my product recommendations in that too. I never recommend something I haven’t first used myself.

    I want to sincerely thank you for your support too!


  • Michelle – Fresh Radiant Skin

    I know I’m a late comer here but I wanted to comment on this.

    You are so right about getting what you pay for. What people don’t get though is that even though you pay for, natural products last much longer than their cheaper counterparts.

    Michelle – Fresh Radiant Skin´s last blog post ..Natural Ingredients to Improve Your Skins Health and Appearance