Men Moisturize Too

Today I welcome a guest post written by Darren McDuffie of Watch Your Trainer. Darren is a fitness and weight loss specialist but today he turns his attention to the topic of skin care for men. Do men need to have a skin care routine too and do men even need to be concerned with toxic ingredients in their personal care products? Read on for Darren’s insight…

Men Moisturize Too

by Darren McDuffie

I couldn’t wait to shave when I was younger and I remember spreading shaving cream all over my face and grabbing my grandfather’s razor. I “nicked” my face pretty bad when I was little and I can still hear the words my grandfather said, “When you finally have to shave, you’re gonna hate it!” He must have been Nostradamus or something because he was right!

I started shaving when I was 18 years old. My life was so much better when I didn’t  have to worry about 12 o’ clock shadows and razor bumps. How I long to go back to the days when my face was as smooth as a baby’s bottom and I didn’t have to scan the drug store aisle for the latest razor bump treatment. Those were truly worry free days!

Here Comes the Gator

Alligator skin ain't pretty!

I was never big on taking care of my skin. For example, I would never do any type of exfoliation or use anything other than a set of dirty clippers on my face. In case you’re wondering, I can’t shave with a razor as it leaves my face full of ingrown hairs (razor bumps).  I probably should have shaved with a razor because the dirty clippers I used didn’t help matters at all. I guess I made matters worse because I used dirty clippers and I never washed my face before or after shaving. I had a lot a lot to learn and it took me a number of years to refine my shaving technique. I did refine my technique but I was still missing something because after shaving my skin would feel as dry as an alligator sitting out in the sun.

12 o’clock and It Ain’t Lunch Time

I had really dry skin and to top it off I was developing a 12 o’clock shadow that wouldn’t quit. I guess the years of not cleaning and moisturizing my face had finally caught up with me. I knew men used after shave but I thought it was “girly” for a man to moisturize or cleanse his face. I guess I was dead wrong and it showed by the condition of my face. When I look at pictures I took a couple of years back, even though they were at different times of day, my face always read 12 o’clock.

Men deal with their own skin issues...5:00 (or 6:00) shadow anyone?

The Question, the Answer, the Solution

I spent years using toxic men’s aftershaves and razor bump treatments. Most of the products left my face dry and irritated. I also realized they put my health at risk so I decided to change the products I use. Was there anything out there I could use which was safe and effective? Yes, there was! I discovered witch hazel which is a natural astringent and began using it on my face. This began to get rid of the dirt and oil which accumulated  over the years and lightened up my 12 o’clock shadow to an hour past midnight. :) Based on a recommendation from Robin, I started using Aubrey Organics Men’s Stock Daily Moisturizer and it took me from dry alligator to baby face through daily applications. My skin feels smoother now and I am getting less razor bumps in the process. I am also lessening my exposure to the toxic chemicals in the mainstream shaving products. After this experience, I realize you don’t need the toxic useless chemicals for the product to be effective. I have also come to the conclusion that cleansing and moisturizing the skin is not just a “girly” thing but a “manly” thing to do to have great looking, youthful skin.

About the author: Darren McDuffie is the writer and creator of He has a free ebook Rapid Fat Loss: Ten Ways to Shed Pounds Easily to help you reach your weight loss goals. You can download it free at

Robin started her career as an educator of children and has now become an educator for adults everywhere who want to know the truth about what they put into their bodies through the skin. She is passionate about educating people to make better health and beauty choices.
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  • Ethnic Skin Care

    Yes men need to moisturize! I wish my husband would get that. He does it when he remembers to but it’s not a priority.

    And Darren, your face looks smooth too!

    Ethnic Skin Care´s last blog post ..Nourish Dry Skin With The Natural Properties of Hemp

  • Robin Adler


    Just keep at him! Tell him one day it will catch up to him if he’s not consistent with his skin care!

  • DivaGoesGreen

    Great Post Robin, i made my boyfriend read this! I’ve been desperately trying to make him understand how bad it is, when you don’t take care of your skin! He thank god, left out the milk drinking and turned to soy milk! hurray! That has helped his skin a lot! I decided making his own little skin care line, make it as masculine as possible..hopefully he’ll convert!

  • Robin Adler

    Thank you, Anna! You should have your boyfriend read some of Dr. Mercola’s posts on soy milk…after reading those, he might want to switch to rice or almond milk!