What’s Lurking in Your Lipstick?

Most commercial lipsticks contain chemical ingredients to make them work better. When you put on lipstick, where does it go? We lick our lips, eat, and drink with our lipstick. What makes this most alarming is that women are actually ingesting this stuff. Do you know what’s going into your body and what it does?

Lipstick can be hazardous to your health...

Most lipsticks contain artificial colors, synthetic fragrances, lanolin, phthalates and lead! Many of these toxins are linked with cancer, not to mention skin irritation and dermatitis. Phthalates are considered trade secrets and most times not even disclosed on the ingredient label. Phthalates are hormone disruptors and can cause problems with the reproductive organs of both men and women. In his book, Toxic Beauty: How Cosmetics and Personal Care Products Endanger Your Health and What You Can Do About It (see left sidebar,) Dr. Samuel Epstein points out that, “phthalates induce hormonal effects following application to the skin. This further incriminates them as dangerous in cosmetics and personal care products.” Phthalates are found in other products as well, such as deodorant, hair gel, mousse, hair spray, shampoo, mascara, and perfume.

What is lead doing in your lipstick? In a 2007 study done by the campaign for Safe Cosmetics, 61% of the 33 brands tested contained traces of lead. The FDA does not even have a safe level of lead allowed in lipstick because there is no safe level! The scary part about it is that lead is not an ingredient in the lipstick; it is a contaminent. Lead can poison you over time as it accumulates slowly in the body. It’s toxic to the nervous system and mimics other metals such as calcium, magnesium, and zinc, confusing the body’s normal systems. It’s especially dangerous for pregnant women as babies and children exposed to lead in utero can experience serious complications.

You might be thinking, now what? What other lipstick choices do I have? Stay tuned to Toxic Beauty Blog because in my next post I will share a completely all natural lipstick you can use and love.

So has any of this been a surprise to you? What are your lipstick choices? Will that change now that you know what’s lurking in your lipstick? Comments are welcome.

Stay natural…stay beautiful…go green!


Robin started her career as an educator of children and has now become an educator for adults everywhere who want to know the truth about what they put into their bodies through the skin. She is passionate about educating people to make better health and beauty choices.
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  • http://www.glownaturally.blogspot.com Sisi

    I’ve heard of a trick to tell if your lipstick contains lead. Take the lipstick and rub it on the back of your hand and then take a piece of white gold (i’m guessing from a piece of jewelry) and rub it against the colour and if it goes a bit darker then it’s got lead in it but if it stays vibrant then it’s not so bad. I’m gonna try it!
    .-= Sisi´s last blog ..buzzzzz of bees =-.

  • http://www.toxicbeautyblog.com Robin Adler

    Hey Sisi,

    Cool tip! Thanks for sharing!



    this is a legitimate test. tried and true… FACEFACTS passed it with flying colors!!!!!The gold DOES NOT have to white,, just 14k ,and the thicker the gold as in a wedding band lets say , the better,and easier it is to do the test,, results are immediate .

  • Cassie Homrand

    thanks this info has helped me a lot with my school speech i am currently working on