Hair Removal the Organic Way

It’s guest post time on Toxic Beauty Blog. It’s a subject all of us (even you guys out there) deal with every day: hair removal.  I remember the days way back when I was young and I used to use Nair….boy did that stuff stink and was totally toxic too! It did remove the hair but it also left my skin red and irritated! There’s much safer hair removal options now. Enjoy the post and leave your comment below as to which natural hair removal method you use!

Hair Removal the Organic Way

by Maria Bastet

You can have smooth, beautiful legs naturally!

There are plenty of ways to get rid of unwanted hair, but many of them use harsh chemicals that border on toxic. Chemical hair removal products can leave burns, cause skin irritation, and aren’t always as effective as other means, either. Hair removal is actually one of those areas where organic can be not only better for you, but even more effective.

There are a few ways you can organically remove unwanted body hair:


  • Sugaring.  This method uses granulated sugar, fresh lemon juice, and water. You mix the ingredients, heat slowly to about 250 degrees, and then allow it to cool. You apply it to the region with unwanted hair, spreading in the direction of the hair growth. You place a cotton strip on the area and peel away. This is one of the most natural (and most ancient) methods of waxing.



  • Honey waxing. This is similar to sugaring, but utilizes a mixture including sugar, honey, and corn starch. It’s applied and used in the same way as sugaring. The key with the honey mixture is to not allow it to boil, or you risk carmelizing the honey and making it so that it’s not the correct consistency.



  • Turmeric paste. For centuries, women in India have used an organic mixture of turmeric, yogurt, and flower. The paste is placed on the skin and allowed to dry. Once it’s dry, you scrub off the paste and it brings the unwanted hair along with it.



  • Organic hair removal products. There are a couple of brands out there – most notably Moom and Kiss My Face – that offer all natural, organic hair removal products, in addition to other organic beauty products. Most of these products also use herbs or essential oils to help minimize skin irritation during and after the hair removal process.



  • Plucking or manual removal. It’s much more time-consuming and painful, but for facial hair removal plucking is often your best bet.


As you well know, going organic doesn’t mean you can’t be beautiful. Give one of these organic hair removal methods a shot, and see just how much easier and effective – and less irritating to your skin – they can be.

About the Author:

Maria Bastet is a hair removal enthusiast that blogs about her triumphs and fails in hair removal. You can find more of her articles located at


Robin started her career as an educator of children and has now become an educator for adults everywhere who want to know the truth about what they put into their bodies through the skin. She is passionate about educating people to make better health and beauty choices.
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  • Carola@brain supplements

    I have tried most of the methods you describe and have to say the tumeric paste method (as used by my mother and her grandmother) works best for me .I have dark skin and im wondering if this makes a difference to the hair removal method i should use.

    Carola in LA

  • Tanja@No No Hair removal

    Thanks for this great post. I learned some hair removal methods that I didn’t realize existed!

    Tanja NY
    Tanja@No No Hair removal´s last blog post ..Can You Buy No No Hair Removal in the UK?

  • G.

    Isn’t there anything that works like the hair cream removal, like veet or so? Peeling, waxing,etc is so painfull!!
    G.´s last blog post ..Saturday Nails

  • Natural Organics

    I don’t think Veet is very natural….I guess your best bet would be shaving. I know….hair removal is such a pain!

  • HealthBuff

    Great post and it’s important to note that if you experience any pain or irritation with these natural methods that it’s also fine to explore other options.
    HealthBuff´s last blog post ..No No Hair Removal: Men Can Use It Too

  • Natural Organics

    Hi HealthBuff,

    Sure, there are other methods we didn’t discuss here in the post, such as laser hair removal…but not everyone can afford such a luxury. Thanks for the comment!


  • Tania@Hair Removal Methods

    As someone who is interested in this subject, I must say that in my opinion
    Honey waxing is the best solution in my opinion for removing leg hair, I recommend finding an experienced cosmetician to perform the treatment.
    Laser hair removal maybe a better option that lasts longer, but still ..its very pricy,
    currently I cannot afford it.
    Tania@Hair Removal Methods´s last blog post ..Best Hair Removal products