Good Hair?

I hope everyone had a fabulous green Christmas!

While on vacation I had the chance to see the Chris Rock documentary, “Good Hair.” Women of color take many risks to obtain an image of what society calls, “good hair.” One of the most dangerous things women do to their hair is relaxer. On the movie, it showed how even little girls are being subjected to this “hair torture.” A relaxer, or perm, smoothes out the hair with toxic chemicals, including sodium hydroxide. Sodium hydroxide penetrates and burns the hair. It can damage the scalp, even causing bald spots. The film showed how an aluminum can of soda disintegrates in sodium hydroxide. All this for smooth hair… it worth the risk? Women of color speak up: Would you let your daughter get this process done?  What do you think? Do you perm…or have you gone natural? Comment on the blog…and be sure to check out the movie clip below.

Stay natural…stay beautiful…go green!


Robin started her career as an educator of children and has now become an educator for adults everywhere who want to know the truth about what they put into their bodies through the skin. She is passionate about educating people to make better health and beauty choices.
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  • Michelle

    I have natural wavy, curly hair and I usually go to the salon in my 20′s to have it straightened. It was horrible because I felt that my hair was rubberized! Now that I am in my 30′s, my new year’s resolution is to go natural and organic. Thanks to this Robin Adler’s blog, I found a website where I can purchase 100% all-natural hair products! My favorite is, aside from their superb hair products (among others), their customer service is stupendous!