A Bad Hair Day Every Day?!

I’ve always had great hair….I’m sorry if that sounds conceited but I was blessed by the “hair fairy.” My best hair days was in my 20s. I had long, flowing sun kissed (well, highlighted) hair. It was shiny, healthy, and manageable. Whenever I went to my hair dresser for a touch up, she always complimented me on my lustrous hair. Flash forward to my 30s…when I started experiencing some hair difficulties. It was a bit more dry (and even oily at times) and more unruly. I have wavy hair and sometimes I get very lazy and don’t do a thing to it (and I was NOT blessed with hair styling ability.) Here’s my usual hair routine: Shampoo, condition, leave-in conditioner, comb. Done. On those special occasions, I blow-dry it straight and it looks good….but lately it hasn’t looked as good as it can and I was wondering why….

Bad hair day! Could this be you? I feel your pain.

A Switcheroo

I usually stick to the same brand of shampoo and conditioner, but I was out of my usual stuff and I usually buy it online so I was stuck! What to do?? I was shopping at Ross (love it) when I came across the “Yes to Tomatoes” line. You’ve probably heard it…it’s made by the same company as the “Yes to Carrots” variety. I took a look at the ingredients (which is always a MUST) and they seemed pretty good! At $2.99 a bottle, they were also priced just right! I began using the shampoo and conditioner (I wash my hair every other day so as not to strip the natural oils) and started to see a change…for the worse!

Back to Basics

I am not saying the Yes to Tomatoes line is horrible….what may not work for someone else may work for you. I noticed my hair becoming more unmanageable and just not looking good. It was more dry than normal and even frizzier! Help!!! I started thinking about it….and realized that when I use my regular brand, my hair was always fabulous. I put two and two together and realized I needed to go back! Guess what my normal brand is? Aubrey Organics! I used the Rosa Mosqueta line religiously as it was extra moisturizing and especially for color treated hair. As a blogger I am always getting to try new product lines and I love finding great products.  But it’s so reassuring to know I have my Aubrey Organics waiting in the wings, ready to rescue me and my hair! My hair loves Aubrey Organics and I am ready to admit it. If you’d like to read my review of Rosa Mosqueta Shampoo and Conditioner hop on over to my All About Aubrey Organics blog. You never know….you hair may love Aubrey Organics too!

Stay natural…stay beautiful…go green!

Robin started her career as an educator of children and has now become an educator for adults everywhere who want to know the truth about what they put into their bodies through the skin. She is passionate about educating people to make better health and beauty choices.
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  • http://www.thesilverlining80.blogspot.com Cadie

    I just purchased the Aubrey Organics Honeysuckle and Rose Shampoo and Conditioner. I have yet to try them, but they smell fantastic. I’m looking forward to trying them out. I purchased from Vitacost.com and they are cheaper than from Whole Foods, which is nice!

    Thanks for the review….I’m excited to try products from this company!

  • http://www.crunchybetty.com Leslie @ crunchybetty

    I do a fair amount of shopping at one of the bargain stores here in town – their prices are absolutely ridiculous. I picked up three bottles of Yes to Carrots conditioner for $4 total. It’s probably my favorite conditioner ever, but I notice I can’t use it more than two or three times in a week, or my hair starts to feel a bit oily.

    Funny, because I actually switch it out with two other brands, Aubrey Organics and Himalaya, during the weekly washings.

    Fiance uses Yes to Tomatoes (because he has super fine hair), and seems to love it … but he’s a boy. Heh.

  • http://www.toxicbeautyblog.com Robin Adler

    Wow, Leslie….that’s weird you experienced the same results almost that I did from using it.. Good idea to switch it out! I am restocking my Aubrey Organics supply very soon! I just bought the Yes To Tomatoes cause that was all they had…but I do not have fine hair at all and I think it is making my hair too oily.

  • http://myhomemadebeauty.com Victoria Lewy

    In my past non organic life i was always using Body Shop shampoos and conditioners and they worked pretty good for my hair. However as i decided to give up on chemicals and start using only natural products i switched over Body Shop to Urtekram, it’s Denmark company i guess. I so so much love them, i tried all their hair products and all of them make my hair wonderfully soft and shiny.
    Victoria Lewy´s last blog post ..Top 3 Eyelid Lifting Exercises

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  • http://www.mommyisgreen.net/ Victoria (Mommy Is Green)

    Good organic hair care products are definitely hard to find. If you find a good one it’s great if you can get it again. I’m still working on a safer shampoo & conditioner that I like. I’m glad you found one that works well for you. :)
    Victoria (Mommy Is Green)´s last blog post ..My First Time at The Fresh Market

  • http://www.toxicbeautyblog.com Robin Adler

    Hi Victoria,

    Have you tried Aubrey Organics? If you haven’t, try it and you may be able to stop your search for safer shampoo and conditioner! It truly is fabulous and they have formulas for ALL hair types.

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  • http://www.freshradiantskin.com/skin-care-information/dry-skin-solutions Dry Skin Solutions from Michelle

    Hey Robin-

    I tried Aubrey and didn’t like it. It tangled my hair! I don’t know if it treats ethnic hair differently or what but we didn’t agree.

    I am however loving the Wen Fig Cleansing Condition by Chaz Dean :-)

    By the way, have you tried L’Oreal’s new sulfate free shampoo? I am going to check it out and write about it. I’d be interesting in comparing notes.

    Dry Skin Solutions from Michelle´s last blog post ..This One Ingredient Helps Your Skin Absorb Moisture Like A Sponge

  • http://www.toxicbeautyblog.com Robin Adler


    I’m sorry the Aubrey Organics didn’t work fro you! I’ve not tried the L’oreal sulfate free line yet….I wonder if it still contains other “nasties” though….I’ll try to remember to check it out next time at the store!