Which Cosmetics Brand Is Tops on the Gluten Free List?

Are you a Gfreek?

No, this is not some weird perversion, but a website where people like you and me get to vote on their favorite gluten free products. For guys and gals like me who are gluten sensitive or have celiac disease, this is a great tool.

People who have tried all sorts of gluten free products vote and rate them and the ones with the most votes win! If you can’t trust your fellow g-free peeps, who can you trust? We’re kind of like a special tribe anyway…

One of my favorite products has made it to the gluten free list of best cosmetics! I even partnered up with them recently and hosted a very successful giveaway….can you guess the brand? That’s right….Red Apple Lipstick!

gluten free list

Before I was diagnosed with gluten sensitivity, I could care less if my lipstick contained gluten (which is a protein found in wheat and grains for those who don’t know.) When I realized I literally eat my lipstick off, I decided I should go for a gluten free brand. After I conferred with my friend, Google, I came across Red Apple Lipstick.

Recently, Red Apple Lipstick was chosen as the Best Gluten Free Cosmetic Brand by Gfreek! Even if gluten in your cosmetics is not a concern, I’d definitely recommend you check out RAL. I’m so proud of them getting the recognition they deserve! This means that more women will discover their awesome products. It’s definitely the best lipstick I’ve ever used, gluten free or not!

So in addition to the honor of being named best gluten free cosmetics brand, Red Apple Lipstick has also recently been featured in Women’s Health magazine. It’s exciting to see gluten free cosmetics get more attention. Gluten free is going mainstream, baby!

glute free list

If you want to read more about Red Apple Lipstick, their philosophy and check out some of the gluten free lipsticks, lipglosses, and eye shadows, visit their website, check them out in Delight Gluten Free Magazine and read my natural lipstick review.

Congratulations Red Apple Lipstick for being selected the Best Cosmetics Brand on the gluten free list!

Do you choose gluten free cosmetics and why?

Share in the comments below!

Stay natural…stay beautiful…go green!

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  • http://phat-man.com/ Darren “Phat-Man” McDuffie

    Wheat is whack…go gluten free!

  • Kelly Bonanno

    Yes, I am a Gfreek! Looking forward to trying their products.