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When I choose body scrubs, I usually go for the sweet scents. There is nothing that’s more pleasing to the body and senses than the lovely scent of almond. I recently got to try two products from the Reviyve Blended Naturals line and I was more than pleased with my sampling. This line is designed to take extra care with ethnic skin, but I feel as though it would benefit any kind of skin.

Blended Naturals are designed to nourish ethnic skin...


...yet any skin type will benefit from the hydrating ingredients.

Spa Night – Step 1

I decided on a night that would be spa night and jumped into the shower to pamper my skin! First I rinsed with warm water (water that’s too hot is drying to the skin.) Then I used Reviyve Blended Naturals Moisturzing Sugar Butter Scrub in Exotic Almond. Sounds good enough to eat right? Well it was! The almond scent was subtle and I immediately felt the oils working to hydrate my skin. The scrub was not thick and contained more of the oils than sugar.  Sugar makes such a wonderful scrub for the skin  (I prefer it to salt scrubs.)

Silky smoooooth

Let me tell you, when I rinsed off, my skin was like silk. Organic oils really do the job in this scrub: organic sunflower oil, organic cocoa butter, organic coconut oil, organic shea butter, raw turbinado sugar, honey, vitamin E, and almond essential oils. I love that all the ingredients are natural with absolutely no synthetics at all. If you have extremely dry skin, you definitely need to exfoliate but this scrub does so gently leaving behind nothing but moist smooth skin. The scrub is also available in other soothing scents such as Peppermint, Orange, Lemon, Rosemary Mint, Pink Grapefruit, and Vanilla Black Velvet (sounds so yum!) It sells for $17.50 for a 3.5 oz jar.

Don’t forget to moisturize!

After you come out of the shower, be sure to pat skin dry. You don’t want to rub as that would remove all the healing oils on your body. Even though my skin felt incredibly soft and silky, I still used moisturizer after scrubbing and you should always too! I used Reviyve Blended Naturals Organic Shea Butter Balm in Lemon. After I used it, I smelled like a lemon meringe pie! It’s based on organic shea butter so it has a thicker consistency, yet melts when you apply it. It was the perfect conclusion to my mini-spa night. I adore the healing powers of shea butter and this balm also contains organic sunflower oil and lemon essential oil. It doesn’t take a lot of ingredients for a product to work and this balm proves that with only 3. Simplicity is sometimes best when it comes to choosing skin care products.

Silky soft legs are your destiny with Blended Naturals Shea Butter Balm. Win it...see below!

Overall, I really liked these two products, even though the scrub was not as thick as the scrubs I am used to using. The body balm was so hydrating and I’d recommend it for all skin types, but especially extremely dry skin. The Blended Naturals website is also very easy to use and even remembers the last products you visited! Also check out the blog for great skin care tips.

Giveaway time!

Win it!

Since I got to try out Blended Naturals…why shouldn’t you? I’ve teamed up with Reviyve to offer you a great “Silky Skin” giveaway! Win a full sized Shea Butter Balm- it will be the unscented variety, but you can add your own essential oils or if you’re more sensitive to scents, leave it as is. You will still have gorgeously silky skin! Can’t wait to win it? Reviyve is offering a special discount for Toxic Beauty Blog readers, so visit Blended Naturals to browse.

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Stay natural…stay beautiful…go green!

Disclaimer: I received samples from the Reviyve Blended Naturals line to try. This review consists of my honest opinions and experiences after using the products. I was not compensated in any way for this review.

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