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Black is beautiful, there is no doubt about it. Whether you have the mocha skin of Naomi Campbell, the chocolate skin of Tyra Banks, the ebony skin of Alek Wek or the coffee skin of Imam, it is all gorgeous. There are a lot of misconceptions and stereotypes about black skin that are all untrue.

For instance, black skin is not always oily. One thing is very much true about black skin, however, and that is that it is hyper sensitive. The melanin pigmentation, which has to be maintained with vitamin A, rebels against products that it doesn’t like. Use the wrong product, and your beautiful skin may start to show discolourations that can take months to disappear again. So, if you want that beautiful, smooth and dark skin tone, here are a few tips for you to follow.

It’s All About the Routine

As any good Tria Beauty reviews will tell you, the most important thing to think about is to have a good routine.

Your skin gets used to something and if you start changing that, you will see some unwelcome responses. Your face has to be cleansed every day. Very dry skin should only be cleansed once per day, but very oily skin can be cleansed up to three times. Make sure it is a gentle product that you use and don’t use loofahs or cleansing puffs, as these may irritate your skin.

You do also have to think about the products. Don’t fall for the hype of expensive products; the key is not the label but what is in it [Editor's Note: I completely agree!]. Make sure the product is designed specifically for your skin type and try to always opt for sensitive skin products. Anything with benzoyl peroxide needs to be avoided as much as possible. If you’re not sure about a product, try it on a small area of your skin first, preferably a barely visible one, to make sure your skin is ok with it.


Illnesses and Medication

Black skin has to be protected from skin cancer.

Did you know that skin cancer is endemic among black populations in areas where there is little sunshine? Do not believe in using high SPF skin creams, as these block your skin’s ability to absorb vitamin A. In fact, even an SPF 8 stops your skin’s ability to absorb vitamin A by as much as 95%, which is huge. Again, don’t believe in advertising hypes as these are just marketing gimmicks by large corporations.

You also need to think about any medication that you may be taking. Certain drugs increase your sensitivity to the sun. It is only if you are on such medications that you may want to consider using an SPF cream.


See a Professional

If there is anything wrong with your skin, whether it is acne, excess hair or blemishes, go and get help.

You should always prevent a problem from getting worse if you can resolve it with some simple help.


Think about Your Makeup


Last but not least, you need to be careful about your makeup. Make sure it matches your skin tone so that it looks natural when applied. Again, there is nothing wrong with makeup from your nearest chemist or supermarket. If you have very dry skin, you should opt for oil based makeup. Water based is better for skin with high levels of oil and acne. Black truly is beautiful but it also requires more specialised care. Make sure you read some Tria beauty reviews so you know what you are doing.

About the Author:

Carlo is a freelance writer and blogs on organic food, beauty and gardening covering everything from aloe products to natural skin care. When he’s not online Carlo enjoys traveling the world and sampling foreign cuisine.

P.S. I thought you guys might also enjoy my friend Michelle’s website Radiant Brown Beauty. Visit her for more tips on how to care for beautiful brown skin and products which can help you do that!

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  • Gerald

    A very nice and informative article. It really debunked a lot of the faulty assumptions on dark skin.
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  • Susan

    This is very nice article for black skin. It is true that black skin is not always oily. It depends of many factors that you mentioned. Black skin can be very sensitive so need to opt skin products for this skin type,first on a small area of the skin to make sure that don’t initiate unwanted reactions.
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  • Linda

    I believe Carlo hit the spot. He is a very good writer. He has shown the beauty of dark skinned peoples. He truly deserve credit on this. I already had a respect for this guy.
    Linda :)
    Linda´s last blog post ..Signs Of Cancerous Moles

  • Ian

    I got to agree with not falling for the most expensive products and reading the list of ingredients properly. Nowadays most skin care products are generic. People always think that big brands are at the forefront of research when in reality their products are no different than the Boots brand or any other cheap brand.
    Ian´s last blog post ..Younger & Smoother Skin through Exfoliating

  • Carrie Shaw

    I think the makeup tip goes for anyone. I find that alot of people get that one wrong. Younger girls in particular and it just destroys their skin.
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  • Mary

    Black or brown skin is very attractive when it’s smooth and clean. It has a certain glow that is very sexy.

    Thanks for clearing up some of the misconceptions about it and I agree, it can be VERY finicky.

    Carlo did a very nice job on this, thanks a bunch :-)
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