Facial Mask Recipes: Honey Skin Cure

Facial Mask Recipes

One of the best facial mask recipes is....honey!

Today I welcome a guest blogger who will be sharing one of her favorite facial mask recipes. I am so happy to be able to share this page with others who share my vision of teaching everyone how to go green with their beauty routines and life. Today’s guest blogger is scientist Dr. Renee Lea-Currie , who has a Ph.D. in nutrition and is the Health Leader for the Philadelphia Seventh Day Adventist Church in Burlington, NC. Please take the time to visit her website and blog in which she promotes eating “real” food and shares coupons and deals for organic and natural products, making them more affordable for everyone. In the following, Renee, gives some great tips for smoother, softer skin at a price we can all handle. Thank you , Renee. Enjoy!

Facial Mask Recipes: The Honey Skin Cure

by Dr. Renee Lea-Currie


I too was plagued with super sensitive skin and adult acne until I tried a very simple inexpensive recipe. Try this:

1. Wet your hands and then apply honey to your face. Feel free to massage it in if you wish
2. Leave it on for 5-10 minutes.
3. Rinse with water. NOTE: I don’t like the smell of honey so I use water and unscented pure glycerin soap like Dr Bronner’s to rinse. $2 sample bottles of the liquid version can easily be found at Target stores.
4. If you still feel dry, use a dab of olive oil and massage in while your face is still wet.

This simple cheap regimen has “cured” my acne, dry skin, enormous skin pores and lightened old scars! It was hard to find a regimen that works on African-American brown skin, but this one does. Every 1-2 months, I do a simple body honey treatment the same way for all over softness. The ingredients are simple, affordable and available most everywhere.

  • As a research scientist, I am familiar with many of the chemical names in many products. Oddly enough, many of the same chemicals in cosmetics would have to be classified as hazardous and disposed of in special manner if they were in my lab at any concentration or amount! Scary.
  • As a scientist, I also share with the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics and conduct local Natural beauty recipe workshops and shopping tours; this is how I found Robin’s blog a few months ago. I have been very pleased as it seems like we are of the same mind to share information about HOW TO be beautiful and safe. Keep searching and checking out blogs and website to find the information you seek.

Wasn’t that one of the easiest facial mask recipes you’ve ever learned?  Read this post to learn even more about the health and beauty benefits of honey: Manuka Honey Benefits

Stay natural…stay beautiful…go green!


Robin started her career as an educator of children and has now become an educator for adults everywhere who want to know the truth about what they put into their bodies through the skin. She is passionate about educating people to make better health and beauty choices.
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  • http://www.bestantiagingcreamstips.com/ Best Anti Aging Creams

    Excellent home remedy! This recipe is easy and affordable that can be done everyday. I believe that honey has many benefits for our skin so it is best used for skin care products and even addition to other home remedies for making the skin healthy, smooth and younger looking.
    .-= Best Anti Aging Creams´s last blog ..Hunting For the Best Ingredients In Anti Wrinkle Products =-.

  • http://www.boroplus.co.uk/ Barney

    Thank you Dr. Renee for your great tips on health and beauty benefits of honey. I am awaiting for your next post.

  • http://acnefreeblog.com How to Get Rid of Acne

    Great tips! But do you have any recommendations about the type of honey to use? Should I use organic and 100% pure honey? Some of them are really, really expensive… :)

    .-= How to Get Rid of Acne´s last blog ..Neonatal Acne – Learn How to Treat Neonatal Acne Fast =-.

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  • http://www.toxicbeautyblog.com Robin Adler

    Hi Emily,

    Yes, I do have some recommendations for which type of honey to use. In fact, check back on the blog later today for an expanded post on the benefits of using honey as a skin care product. Thanks for your comment!


  • http://thetakebacktour@yahoo.com Renee

    Thanks to Robin and to the great comments and questions.
    While local or organic honey would be ideal, I have found that any pure Grade A 100% honey works well. I even tried pure honey purchased at dollar stores and found it equally effective as a treatment. The great price meant I could keep a bathroom honey bottle and a separate one in the kitchen. One caveat is to READ the label as you will find bottles of Honey-flavored syrup (which is just corn syrup) that look just like the other honey bottles next to the REAL honey in many store shelves.
    Also, if you have issues with honey, know that I have also tested agave nectar and found it as effective as the honey as a skin treatment & moisturizer as well. Agave nectar is a liquid natural sweetener made from the nectar of the agave species of plants. Most agave nectar in stores is certified kosher and/or organic.

  • http://www.toxicbeautyblog.com Robin Adler

    Thanks, Renee, for the great information!

  • http://www.greenlashesandfashion.blogspot Green Lashes and Fashion

    Honey is such a wonder product! Thanks for providing more tips on how to use it!

  • http://www.allwomenstalk.com All Women Stalker

    I am now convinced to try honey asap! It’s cheap, natural and safe.

  • http://www.acneremovalcream.com Mandy

    Homemade Remedy is quite important for our skin and the pure honey really the best of ingredient to make our skin soft and moist.


  • http://www.health-benefits-of-honey.com Janette Marshall

    The reason a really good raw or organic honey is so good at clearing skin infections which helps our beauty regimes in such a natural way is because when honey is applied to damp skin it produces hydrogen peroxide naturally which just eats away at the bacteria causing those spots and acne. My family, all daughters, swear by the beauty benefits of honey.
    Janette Marshall´s last blog post ..Honey Bee Information, All about Bees, Honeybee FAQs

  • http://www.toxicbeautyblog.com Robin Adler

    Thanks, Janette. Great information!

  • Paleen

    I can’t imagine using honey for face mask. Honey is sweet and really yummy but kinda sticky to put in my face. The ants might attack my face, just kidding.
    Paleen´s last blog post ..honey for acne treatment