What’s the Best Deodorant for Women?

deodorant for women

One of the questions I get most from readers is, “What’s the best natural deodorant for women?” Many people think natural or organic deodorant don’t work- that because they lack chemical ingredients, they simply don’t do the job. Believing this, they say, “Oh, well.” and go back to using their toxic deodorants…claiming their desire to stay dry and odor-free is more important than their desire to use a safer deodorant.

I disagree with this way of thinking…no way in hell would you have caught me going back to Dove or Secret if Natural Brand A didn’t work…I’d keep trying until I found a brand that worked with my body chemistry.

It’s not cheap, either, playing trial and error with natural deodorants. They usually cost more than the drugstore brands. To me though, it’s worth it. Commercial deodorants carry too much risk and if you’re trying to go more natural with your personal care products, deodorant is the first thing you should switch over.

But with all the different brands out there carrying more expensive price tags, how do you know which one is best for you?

Before I reveal to you my deodorant superhero, I want to tell you a story. It’s not a pretty story and is a bit embarrassing too, but I am here to educate, so if I must embarrass myself, so be it.

I was 2 years into being the editor-in-chief of Toxic Beauty Blog and being such, I was privy to trying all sorts of natural cosmetics and providing reviews. One of the products I always was first in line to test was deodorant.

I’m one of the people who thought finding an effective natural deodorant was impossible.

I was sent a natural deodorant with fantastic ingredients: Organic arrowroot powder, organic extra virgin coconut oil, organic lemon essential oil, organic clove essential oil. Not only did it have wonderful ingredients, but was also 100% USDA certified organic! I thought I hit the jackpot and was excited to test it out.

I used it for about a week and noticed it wasn’t exactly meeting my expectations. One day my significant other and I went to buy a desk. We had to rent a truck to bring it back to our house. Oh yes, let me also tell you I live in a very hot and humid climate, which really puts your deodorant to work. Back to the story, we were driving in a U-haul truck when my boyfriend said, “What’s that smell?

Horrifyingly, that smell was me. Yes, I will admit my funk. The deodorant did ok for the first few days, then completely quit on me. The B.O. monster had emerged. What a horrifying moment to have your boyfriend point out that you stink. I take pride in always smelling good! Which deodorant quit on me? It was Bubble and Bee’s Pit Putty….I just became their affiliate and I’m not trying to talk bad about them because I absolutely adore their other bath and body products, but their formula simply didn’t work with my body chemistry. It might not do the same for you and be the best deodorant you ever tried.

When I told Stephanie Greenwood, the B&B owner about my experience, she immediately sent me a different formula. It was also Pit Putty but in Spearmint and Tea Tree. I did better with this, but in the long run, it still didn’t do the job for me. By the way, a really good thing about Bubble and Bee is they have a deodorant chart so you can figure out which formula is right for you and if you buy one and it doesn’t work, they will provide you another or another or another….you get the picture. How many companies will do this for you, no questions asked? It’s rare. Read more about their unprecedented Satisfaction Guarantee:


“If the first deodorant you try from us doesn’t work for you, we’re happy to help you find a second, or even third one that does. Send us an e-mail to stephanie@bubbleandbee.com and tell us your issue. We have found that if one deodorant doesn’t work for you, another one will. So, the first thing we do is send you an alternate combination of bacteria-fighting essential oils or method of delivery (spray vs. stick) of your choice. All you pay is the shipping (which we don’t upcharge). If the replacement product doesn’t work for you, we repeat the process until you’re absolutely thrilled. We cannot offer a money-back return of an opened personal care item like deodorant. We will, however, send you a replacement to try. If you ordered more than one deodorant, we will accept any unopened / undamaged items and give you a refund excluding any shipping charges associated with the return.”

Amazing, huh?

Anyway, back to my story…after the Pit Putty debacle, I ended up going back to a deodorant I had found a few years back when I was browsing one of my favorite sites for organic and natural personal care products and cosmetics, Pure Complexions. It’s….Real Purity!

Those of you who’ve been reading this blog for a while know how passionate I am about Real Purity products. I’ve actually spoken with a relative of the founder and know how dedicated they are to providing safe products. Their deodorant comes in a roller bottle and is called Holisitc Deodorant. [Update- They now have a deodorant stick formula!]


Deodorant for women

Me and my favorite deodorant- Real Purity Holistic Formula!

What does holistic mean?

“RP deo” as I affectionately call it, is not only a product designed to keep you dry and non-odorous. It’s a product designed for your total body well-being. Using natural minerals and herbs, it actually allows your skin to “breathe” as it was meant to. The body sweats as a means of detoxification and if we load all these manufactured chemicals on our skin, it causes our bodies to become toxic.

“Any attempt to artificially prevent perspiration is very unhealthy because perspiration is the Maker’s method of safely cooling the body while excreting numerous toxins. Suppressing the natural sweat response in your underarms or other areas of the body blocks the body’s cleansing process and the natural flow of the lymphatic system. Interference in normal lymphatic function may increase the risk for breast cancer.”


This quote is from the book The Maker’s Diet, by Jordan S. Rubin, whose incredible self-healing led him to create the Garden of Life nutritional supplement company. I’m in the middle of this book now and it’s quite incredible! What he states has been proven by many other researchers. In addition, most deodorants and antiperspirants contain toxic chemicals linked to Alzhemier’s Disease, liver disease, and tumors.


What I really love about RP deo is that it fights odor while providing real body benefits at the same time. I can honestly say when I use this deodorant and wear a sleeveless shirt, I am not afraid to “Raise my hand!”

I just cannot say enough good things about this deodorant. For now, it only comes in a roll on, but RP has told me they currently have a deodorant stick and spray in the works. I can’t wait!

What about cost, you say?

Yes, it does cost $10 a bottle, but it’s so worth it. Pay a little more for your deodorant now and lower your risk of developing breast cancer or Alzheimer’s Disease from the toxic ingredients in regular deodorants. Like I always say, pay now or pay later.


The Bottom Line

I would definitely have to say the best natural deodorant for women (and men, for that matter, my boyfriend uses it too!) is Holistic Deodorant by Real Purity. I want to be completely honest here: if you purchase this product through my link, I will get a (small) commission. I make a whopping 10% off each order…this proves that my main goal is to help you find a safer deodorant alternative so you can reduce your and your family’s risk of horrible diseases down the road. I don’t think I’ll get rich off of selling a few deodorants, but if I help people along the way, the bit that I do make will be even sweeter.


Now I want to hear from you!


Are you a Real Purity deodorant fan, if not, are you ready to try the best and toss the rest?


What deodorants have you had success with?


And please, please share your embarrassing deodorant fail moments too, so I don’t feel so bad about mine. :)


Stay natural…stay beautiful…go green!

Robin started her career as an educator of children and has now become an educator for adults everywhere who want to know the truth about what they put into their bodies through the skin. She is passionate about educating people to make better health and beauty choices.
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  • robin

    my favorite deodorant at the moment is petal pusher fancies scents-less deodorant. it has live odor eating enzymes in it that eat away odor causing germs. they also make a sandalwood live enzyme powder too that i also own and cherish! their products are green and chemical free…great ingredients! i found them by accident on stumble upon. check them out if you are curious, lots of great products on their site and beautiful soaps too! petalpusherfancies.com – i also found them on etsy but they have more on their website , but here is the etsy address too http://www.etsy.com/shop/PetalPusherFancies?page=1
    good luck!

  • Stephanie

    I am currently looking for a natural deodorant that won’t make me break out around the armpit area. I’ve tried many deodorants such as Dove, Secret, and Avon brands. Unfortunately, I seem to have an intense allergic reaction to these brands and so I really do need a good natural deodorant.

  • http://www.toxicbeautyblog.com/about?rel=author Natural Organics

    Hi Stephanie,

    I am sorry for your deodorant troubles! Real Purity would be a great choice for you!

  • Hana

    My first organic deodorant was Lavera scentless and I was surprised how much I sweat and stink after a little movement as I never experienced it with chemical anti-perspirants. Next was Aromaco from Lush and I have to say it didn´t help me either I still could smell my own sweat quickly (also my bf didn´t really like the pachouli scent as it is quite manly scent :D) Now I have Jason stick which is not working again…I don´t give up though! reading some good reviews I just ordered the petal pusher fancies scents-less deodorant. With live enzymes which are supposed to “eat the odor” :)) http://www.etsy.com/listing/116971871/live-enzyme-scentless-deodorant? Excited!

  • http://www.toxicbeautyblog.com/about?rel=author Natural Organics

    Hey Hana,

    Thanks for telling us about your deodorant adventures! I hope the one you ordered works for you!

    I must say, I have tried even more deodorants since writing this post and I honestly ALWAYS go back to Real Purity. It’s just about the only one which can handle my funk! ;-)