Botox for the Underarm?


Would you inject botox in your underarms?


I recently read a blog post about how to stay dry during the summer months. Specifically, about how to keep your underarms dry. Now I know the summer months can become really hot and most people get uncomfortable being all sweaty and sticky. I’m not a big fan either.

So someone came up with using botox in the underarm to stay dry. Apparently it lasts for 4 months and works really well.

But I have a problem with this.

Who knows what the long-term effects of this chemical are. I’ve mentioned before in earlier posts, you are supposed to sweat. It’s the body’s way of getting rid of toxins that we are constantly taking in. What goes in, must come out.

If the toxin path is blocked, where do they go?

They are retained and absorbed into the body. I believe this is what causes disease. This concerns me greatly. People shouldn’t be afraid of their own bodily functions.

When summer rolls around, let the sweat flow!

Or if this idea makes you shudder, use a great effective natural deodorant made by Real Purity (and get $5 by signing up for their free email newsletter!) Real Purity is definitely my go-to deodorant. No toxins, no problems.

What are your thoughts about using Botox for your underarms? Do you think it’s a bit extreme? Leave your comments below!


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  • Frisør Valby

    I don’t like Botox!!!

  • kylie

    Botox will stop the sweating but it’s only temporary. You have to keep going back and get Botox shots which wouldn’t be fun, not to mention expensive.