Are you a daring beauty?

Hello Toxic Beauty readers! And now on a personal note…

For years, I stayed with the same look…afraid to change or go for something new in the fear that I wouldn’t like it. As a result, year after year, I had the same hair color, the same cut, and pretty much the same style. As I got older, I realized that beauty could be fun, flexible, and changable…and if you didn’t like the result, it is easily changed back. On my 33rd birthday, I decided to make a big change. I had been blonde since I was 18 and I decided to go brunette….even as I told the hair dresser what I wanted, I had doubts. Even as she applied the dye to the very first strand, I wanted to scream at her to stop! For those faithful readers of mine, you already know I went through with it. When I drastically changed my hair color, I posted before and after pics (see it here!) I loved my new hair, although it did come out a bit too dark for my taste. Nature helped me along throughout my summer in the sun and my hair lightened to a gorgeous shade of brown with golden highlights.

When I got the color change, I wasn’t quite satisfied with the cut….so I changed stylists….many people are afraid to change stylists…using such arguments as: “I have been going to her/him for years…how can  I change now?” Well if you don’t change at some point or another, you can never discover how beautiful you can be. A new stylist can give you a fresh look you never thought of before. I had my hair cut into an asymmetrical bob and loved it so much….I recently went back and had it reshaped with more of an angle. Now I am thinking of going even shorter (think J Lo in “Enough.”) Yes, I just watched that on TNT :-) What do you think? Should I go short?

One thing I made sure to do before I drastically changed my style is research. I researched different cuts online and found an awesome website where you can upload a picture or yourself and try on any hairstyle, even celebrities! Go to to see what you can look like with a totally different style.

Being daring has it’s place…one area in which you should not be daring is in the beauty and personal care products you use. If you see an ingredient that is not safe, but you still really want to try that product, ditch it anyway. Beauty is not worth sacrificing your health and I’m sure you can find a similiar product that will not harm you or your body.

So when you have that niggling doubt and are thinking about changing up your look….go for it! Get that hair color you have always been curious about…cut your hair and go for a funky style! And if you totally hate it….don’t blame me…it’ll grow back! LOL Until next time, stay natural, stay beautiful…Robin

Robin started her career as an educator of children and has now become an educator for adults everywhere who want to know the truth about what they put into their bodies through the skin. She is passionate about educating people to make better health and beauty choices.
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