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Do you know how to apply eyeshadow to make your eyes pop? I am not just talking about throwing one color on your lids and calling it a day. I must admit I am guilty of this sometimes. When you’re getting ready for work at 6:00 a.m. do you really have the time to go “makeup artist” on yourself? Probably not…but sometimes you like to really make up your eyes, whether it be for a party, special event, or date. We can get a little stale in our makeup application sometimes. For years, I always followed the same routine for my eyes: apply a light colored shadow on the whole lid. Then use a darker color in the crease. Done. It’s pretty simple, but I wanted something a little more dramatic and different. I recently went to my salon, Capello Salon to get my hair done and had a chance to sit and chat with makeup artist, Carly Jacuzzo. She gave me some fabulous tips on how to apply eyeshadow like a pro and a few more tips I am going to share with you in today’s post.


Firstly, when using makeup make sure it’s a nontoxic brand, free of paragons, talc, mineral oil, and other damaging chemicals. Capello is now carrying a wonderful line of mineral makeup called La Bella Donna. Doesn’t that name sound luxurious? The products are just as luxurious as the name implies. While my hair was processing (organic color, of course) Carly made my face up as if it was a blank canvas and she was the “artiste”! I really love the technique she used on my eyes and now I will let you in on it (it’s quite simple really):


1. Apply a light colored shadow to the entire lid up to the eyebrow line. She used a shimmery cream color.


2. Apply a color in a bit of a darker shade than the one you previously used in the middle portion of the eye. Make sure to blend using a quality makeup brush.


3. Choose a dark shade for this step. Carly used a beautiful dark brown. From the middle of your eyelid crease to the corner of your eye and down toward the eyelash line, sweep the brush in a v shape. This really makes the eyes stand out! Blend in, of course. In a nutshell, you’re applying colors from light to dark as you go from the inner eye to the outer.


4. As a final step, you can line the eyes either with eyeliner pencil, or as Carly did, with an even darker shade of mineral shadow. She used a dark grey, (almost black) to line the top and a bit of the bottom of my lash line.


So now you can do your eye makeup just like a pro! Make sure to check out the video posted below…I know it’s kind of hard to explain how to do makeup sometimes, so I also show you!


Carly also gave me some bonus tips which I’ve been using ever since and I know you’ll enjoy.

Bonus tip #1- To apply blush, you can use the same “v” technique used for the eyes. Apply blush in a V shape rom the top of your cheekbones to the inner part of the cheek to the lower part of the cheek.


Bonus tip #2- When doing your makeup, apply a piece of tape (just plain scotch tape) to the edge of your brow line to the bottom of your eye lid for perfect eye makeup!


Bonus tip #3- Always do your eye makeup first, then do your face, that way any mistakes can be easily cleaned up without messing up your face makeup.


Bonus tip #4- This one was in response to a question submitted by one of my readers. She asked, “What do you do when a zit pops up right when you have a night out or important event?” Carly said most people do the wrong thing which makes the zit stand out even more and we don’t want that! Instead of applying concealer then foundation, do this instead: apply foundation first! Then apply concealer and powder! Most people do the concealer first, but it ends up accentuating the blemish. Do it in reverse to hide that bad boy!


Bonus tip #5- This one isn’t from Carly…it’s from me and relates to makeup storage rather than application! Actually, it’s form my aunt…when I was visiting her, I saw how she stored her makeup and I loved the idea. She got one of those mini 3 drawer storage containers and all her eyeshadows, blush, mascaras, and lipsticks were so organized! She inspired me so much that I went and bought one the other day (on sale!) at Target. It’s so much better than throwing everything in a bag, not being able to find anything, and having everything covered with eye shadow. If you have a huge makeup collection, you can get the larger storage containers.


Many times I have wished I had access to a makeup artist to ask her all the burning questions I have about makeup application. I felt so grateful to be able to talk to Carly during my hair appointment. She did a beautiful job on my makeup when I was there, but she made me realize that if I used her tips, I can do it myself too. If you use her simple techniques, you can apply eyeshadow, blush, and other types of makeup with ease. After my makeup and hair was completed, I loved how the foundation looked so much that I ended up buying it. I don’t usually use a lot of foundation, but this one gave me a polished, yet natural look. It was La Bella Donna compressed minerals in Marianna and believe it or not, it looked as fresh hours later as it did when Carly applied it. If you’re looking for a hair artist (that’s Debbie Caruso, owner of Capello) or a talented makeup artist, please visit Capello Salon. Oh, yes, and tell them Robin sent you!


So, now it’s your turn!


Do you have a spectacular makeup application tip you’re just dying to share?


What are the methods you use to organize your makeup?

Stay natural…stay beautiful…go green!

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    That video is really helpful! I’ve never heard that scotch tape idea, it’s a good one. I always get my eyeshadow too far out from the outer corner of my eye and then have to wipe it off or try and use concealer. My roommate always has great makeup, she just goes to MAC or some cosmetics counter, tells the girl to show her the process of what she is doing when applying the makeup, and then she buys all of the products! Seems to work great for her. I’m going to try your ideas!


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    WOW! You have lots of tips here including article and a video. The video really helps a lot coz we can see how to exactly to apply eyeshadow.