How to Look 10 Years Younger

Today I welcome a guest post from Darren, a certified fitness trainer and bootcamp instructor. He uncovers an anti-aging secret weapon: the use of exercise and weight loss as an anti-aging tool! It got me thinking that I myself am an example of this phenomenon. I was about 60 pounds overweight about 10 years ago. Now, I always had a youngish looking face, but when I dropped the weight, it seemed like I looked even younger. Be sure not to miss my before and after pics at the end of the post. Happy reading and be sure to leave your response in the comment section. :-)

How to Look 10 Years Younger

by Darren McDuffie

I heard someone say 30 is the new 20. So… I guess that means 40 is the 30 and the wheel goes round and round huh? What is society’s strange obsession with wanting to look younger? Is it because everything is geared towards the younger generation or do young folks just have more fun? No one can deny most health and beauty products are marketed towards the younger generation with one exception: the multi-billion dollar anti-aging industry. Such products are usually thrust upon the older generation because they want to sip from the fountain of youth and the corporate big wigs know youth sells. Corporations know anything that can promise an aging population their youth again equals big bucks for stockholders. They are more than willing to sell it to you (and at a high price at that) just like the traveling salesmen sold “cure alls” back in the day. My question to you today is, “Why must the promise of youth come from a concoction in a trendy plastic bottle?”


I had some time on my hands Saturday evening so I decided to watch some tv. Isn’t it relaxing to just kick your feet up and enjoy your weekend? I think I thumbed through just about all of AT&T Uverse’s 600 channels trying to find something to watch. And…I couldn’t find one thing so I decided to venture into the “on demand” section. Every now and then, you’ll find something in “ on demand” which will surprise you and might be worth watching. I did just that! I came across a tv show called “Heavy” on the A&E network. I‘m not sure if you’ve seen it so I’ll run down the premise of the show. The show is based upon taking severely obese people and helping them lose weight. Most of these people run the risk of dying if they don’t lose weight. The program couldn’t be more relevant as obesity is a growing epidemic and claims lives through assisted partners like hypertension and diabetes. I happened to watch an episode where one guy was 640lbs and the woman was over 300lbs. I felt shock and awe as I saw what these people ate on a daily basis. Can you imagine eating 6 junior bacon cheeseburgers and 3 orders of chicken nuggets at one sitting? When I ate fast food, I don’t think I came any where near eating that amount of food. It was nothing short of amazing to see the before and after pictures of participants on the show.

Before and After

Before and after pics are important to any business marketing products for sale. Why? Because seeing is believing, isn’t it? How many times have you been sold on something without seeing the results with your own eyes? Hmmm… I bet none. Before and after is the difference between $19.99 and someone changing the channel to watch the next infomercial. In the fitness industry, before and afters are a lifeline for any fitness trainer wanting to prove his/her worth to the weight loss arena. I can tell you the before/afters on “Heavy” were amazing but the what I learned from the show was priceless. The biggest benefit to losing weight is obviously shedding those unwanted pounds but there are also hidden advantages too!

The Glow of Youth

I’ve heard people say you “glow” when you’re in love. Have you heard that? I also notice people glow when they exercise on a daily basis. This was really noticeable in the television episodes I watched over the weekend. It was more evident in the women than in the men. I am not sure if I am bit biased because I am a fitness trainer but people who don’t exercise on a weekly basis seem to carry a cloud of dust around them like Pig Pen on Charlie Brown. I might be bit harsh with that statement but you get the message, right? If seeing is believing, the women on “Heavy” were glowing like neon colors which made them look beautiful. In addition, with the weight loss in both the men and women it seemed as though they looked ten years younger. I never realized how much added weight makes you look so much older. I guess this is why on shows like “Extreme Makeover” they usually employ personal trainers to work with the participants so they can produce a more youthful glow. What do you think?

How Can I Look Younger?

The promise of youth doesn’t need to come from a bottle with alpha hydroxy and countless other chemicals. It can come from shedding the extra weight you’ve been saying you wanted to get rid of for years. What’s stopping you from hitting your local gym or getting some home workout dvds so you can get your “glow” and look 10 years younger?

Stay natural…stay beautiful…go green!

About the author: Darren McDuffie is a certified and qualified fitness trainer. He has a free ebook Rapid Fat Loss: Ten Ways to Shed Pounds Easily to help you reach your weight loss goals. He is also launching a fitness bootcamp for women in the South Florida area. Get more info at

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  • Michelle Howard

    So true about the shedding the weight. I’m 14 pounds down since Jan and notice slight changes in my face already.

    Also, eating right can help you look younger too but you know most people aren’t willing to do the work. They’d prefer chemicals in a bottle!

    P.S. I moved my blog finally!
    Michelle Howard´s last blog post ..Honoring Beautiful Women of Color for Black History Month

  • Robin Adler

    Congrats on the weight loss, Michelle! That’s wonderful! I bet you also feel better and have more energy too.

  • LatestGirls

    I do live a stressful life. Thankfully I am not gulping down all the food I come across.

    Exercise I need to add into my routine. Junk food :( I need to stay away from :(

    Need to get this stuff in order I guess before its too late.
    LatestGirls´s last blog post ..Selecting a Cocktail Dress

  • Michelle

    Well it’s like a see saw. I feel up and down but am trying to stay focused by bringing my food with me when I got out
    Michelle´s last blog post ..How They Do Oil Cleansing Step by Step

  • Face Natural | Natural Skin Care

    This is a great take on aging and body image. Every woman needs to understand that beauty comes from within – mentally and physically – so nothing in a bottle will really get you where you want to go.

  • Naturally Fresh DEO

    Excellent story, and quite inspiring. Even along the way, using products that are more natural and organic and not filled with potentially harmful chemicals can do wonders for combating aging. Not only is the environmental impact something to mind, but you don’t have to be wary of any adverse, long-term effects.

  • Jeremy@Home Care

    I agree with you that these fancy advertisements do not hold much truth; the good looks are directly related with your fitness and there are no shortcut for that.
    Jeremy@Home Care´s last blog post ..Home Care | Home Help | Homecare | Dublin | Beindependenthomecare

  • Community Care Brisbane

    It’s funny that you should mention weight loss making you look younger because I know a lot of people who looked older instead of younger when they lost weight, partly because their skin began to sag and also because their cheeks weren’t as full. But perhaps it was because they lost a lot of weight in an extreme manner. I do agree with the “glow” though, exercise really gives you that.