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Banana Nutrition

Nothing says “num num num” like homemade banana pudding. I remember when I was little how my mom used to make it for me. She knew it was one of my favorites and when she decided to treat me to some, I was so excited! There’s just something about comfort ...

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Breast Cancer Awareness 2011: The Stink of Pink

Many of you wonder what led me to become a  passionate advocate for safe cosmetics. It was the big “C.” Cancer….the dreaded disease…it has affected many lives and probably touched yours too at some point. When my mother was diagnosed with ovar...

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One Day in Maui

I am a virgin…a spa virgin, that is! (Made you read that one twice, huh?!) All these years I’ve always wanted to go to the spa, but  never wanted to go to the expense. In addition, I always hesitated because I knew the products spas use are far from o...

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